flu speeds up, bronchiolitis slows down a bit

flu speeds up, bronchiolitis slows down a bit

The flu epidemic, early this year in France, has accelerated further in recent days, with an increase in hospitalizations in metropolitan Franceindicates this Tuesday Public Health France according to the data of the weekly bulletin for the week of December 12 to 18. The peak of bronchiolitis has passed, notes the agency, but the epidemic continues all the same “at a high level”.

flu speeds up, bronchiolitis slows down a bit

All the indicators of the flu in all age groups in mainland France continue to increase, according to France publique France. It translates into a “very large increase” (118%) of hospitalizations, i.e. 1,506 people (between December 5 and 11, only 692 people were hospitalized).
Visits to the emergency room due to flu syndromes increase by 84% (12,483 people from December 12 to 18 compared to 6,569 the week of December 5 to 11).

Influenza: very sharp increase in hospitalizations.
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A peak of the flu expected at the end of December…

“The flu virus circulating this year is particularly virulent”, estimated this Wednesday on franceinfo Etienne Decroly,
virologist and director of research at the CNRS at the University of Aix-Marseille. This “early onset exposes to a large-scale epidemic, with a peak expected at the end of December”, summarized the Covars, heir to the Scientific Council – which managed the Covid epidemic -, in an opinion published Monday on the triple influenza / bronchiolitis / Covid epidemic.

…that of past bronchiolitis

Nearly 2,000 babies were still hospitalized last week in mainland France. Despite a 25% decline in one week, this situation remains burdensome for hospitals, some of which are unable to accommodate sick children and must refer them to other establishments.

If the epidemic of bronchiolitis appears to be decreasing in infants, “you have to be careful” because, secondly, “the elderly and frail can be affected” they too, with a non-negligible risk of mortality, warned virologist Bruno Lina on Monday, during a Covars press conference.

In this context of multiple epidemics, the health authorities are once again calling on people at risk – especially the oldest – to get vaccinated against the flu and Covidas vaccination campaigns continue to lag behind this year.

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