Food and meals to take on a plane, according to nutritionists

Food and meals to take on a plane, according to nutritionists

The cold, different travel conditions and the many viruses that hang around can get the better of travelers who fly in winter. However, there are steps you can take to avoid getting sick.

This is exactly what the specialists of the Spanish SHA Wellness clinic and other specialists in integrative nutrition have looked into. Their advice was revealed to the American media CNBC this Monday, December 26.

Foods to eat on the plane

Vicente Mera is one of the SHA Wellness specialists. He affirms that ” nutrition is the most important thing to develop an immune system that resists attacks from viruses and bacteria. However, it is not mandatory to follow a draconian diet to be in shape.

Lunch box

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Mera recommends that travelers focus on whole foods, including: vegetables, whole grains, sea vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, fresh herbs, and fermented foods.

Mélanie Waxman, food coach and specialist in integrative nutrition, adds that alkaline foods are best suited to travelers – remember that at altitude, travelers often have acid reflux. Thus, the food coach recommends taking prepared meals that are easy to slip into your hand luggage: instant miso soup, grilled nori snacks, plum balls and even spirulina powder or capsule.

These dishes are simple meals to prepare and take away, alkaline and very rich in vitamin C, omega-3, chlorophyll and minerals. They are easy to digest and have the merit of boosting immunity. Isn’t it ideal for an air traveler in the cold season?

Nutrition tips for better air travel

Our specialists do not stop at the meals recommended on the plane. They also address the issue of prior physical preparation. After all, a trip must be prepared in advance, both for the luggage to be taken and for the physical form.

To be in top shape, you can follow these tips from specialists a few days or weeks before your flight. The goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and it starts in the morning with breakfast: a spoonful of cider vinegar in a glass of water, then an oatmeal-chia-berry porridge is the perfect combo to make the full of vitamins.

Eat a healthy breakfast

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It is also advisable to practice light physical activity. 30 minutes of swimming, running, walking or cycling are more than enough to keep in shape before a trip.

If you are planning a long flight of several hours, you can combat the adverse effects of jet lag by filling up with vitamin C before and after the flight: vegetable juices and fermented foods such as cabbage are excellent according to Waxman.

It is also important to get enough sleep during the nights before the flight. Mera says: Sleep and immunity are closely linked “. Not being sleep deprived greatly reduces the risk of getting sick during or after the flight.

Other recommendations like taking an Epsom salt bath, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables can go a long way in avoiding getting sick while travelling.

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