Freezing temperature: MRI places Belgium on yellow alert

Freezing temperature: MRI places Belgium on yellow alert

Temperatures that can drop to -7 degrees are expected in Belgium this Saturday while snow could fall this Sunday.

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Lsaturday will begin with many low clouds and freezing fog in some areas, according to IRM forecasts. As the hours go by, some clearings will be possible, especially in the west. But elsewhere, the weather will often remain gray and in the coastal region, some winter showers are not excluded. The maxima will range between -3 degrees in the Hautes-Fagnes, 0 to +1 degree in the plains and +3 degrees at the sea. The wind will remain weak from the southwest, moderate at the coast. In the Ardennes, it will often be weak and variable.

Saturday evening, low clouds will still be numerous from the center to the east while clearings will extend over the west. As the hours go by, the cloudiness will increase again over the west with the increasing risk of a few light snow showers. Risk of freezing fog especially in Haute-Ardenne. The minima will be between -7 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and -1 to -2 degrees in the center or west. The wind will become light to moderate from the south.

Slippery conditions and fog

The MRI issued a double yellow alert over the whole of Belgium this Friday morning. “This morning, freezing fog will form again. All regions seem to be at risk, but the densest fog could form above all in Lower and Middle Belgium. Plates of frost or ice may also form,” warns the Institute.

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