”Gatritis can cause stomach ulcer or cancer”, Dr Nodjingar Ludovic

”Gatritis can cause stomach ulcer or cancer”, Dr Nodjingar Ludovic

Gastritis is one of the diseases not taken seriously by those who suffer from it. According to the general practitioner, Nodjingar Ludovic, in the absence of adequate care, it can generate other diseases and have a huge impact on human health.

Dr. Nodjingar Ludovic recalls that gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining which can occur if the stomach produces too much gastric acid or if the stomach lining is irritated or damaged. It can be acute or chronic.

He points out that acute gastritis manifests itself briefly and lasts for a very short time. When it is diagnosed, a simple treatment can get rid of it. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is often the cause of this form of gastritis. ”A blood test carried out in a laboratory can diagnose it. It is also possible to do a test called Fibroscopy”, he informs.

He adds that there are several forms of gastritis, but the most common is that which is called atrophic. Untreated, this form can progress to cancer. There are three types of chronic gastritis: type A, type B and type C gastritis. On the other hand, acute gastritis can be caused by stress, excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, tobacco, some medicines or in most cases it is due to a bacterium which survives the acidity of the stomach (Helicobacter pylori), explains the doctor Nodjingar

”In most cases, gastritis goes unnoticed or is manifested by loss of appetite, feeling of satiety, nausea, vomiting. The patient with acute or chronic gastritis complains of burning and cramping in the stomach,” he explains. He justifies in the sense that it is often at mealtimes or just after that these manifestations occur.

Due to poor follow-up or negligence or even non-compliance with the treatment prescribed by the doctor, ” gastritis can evolve and cause some complications such as: bleeding, ulcer, narrowing of the outlet of the stomach, and even cancer. of the stomach. The diagnosis is made by a doctor after imaging and histology examinations. The treatment of gastritis will depend on the cause of the gastritis, while taking into account the symptoms of the disease,” explains the doctor.

Nodjingar Ludovic continues that the patient must respect the instructions and the appointments given by the doctor during which the doctor will make assessments on the effectiveness of the treatment and the evolution of the disease. ”Avoid irritating foods, monitor fiber consumption, check that foods are properly cooked, limit the use of spices or spicy foods, fatty foods, foods that are too sweet, avoid carbonated drinks, take the time to eat, split your diet, pay attention to the temperature of food”, he advises to avoid gastritis.

Aristide Nguemadji, intern

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