God of War Ragnarok: Did you get it for Christmas? Find our complete guide

God of War Ragnarok: Did you get it for Christmas? Find our complete guide

God of War Ragnarok: Walkthrough, Complete Guide

God of War Ragnarok: Did you get it for Christmas? Find our complete guide



Whether you’re looking for all of Odin’s ravens, or facing the horrible berserkers that inhabit the 9 Kingdoms, discover our complete walkthrough for this end-of-year PS4 / PS5 exclusive, with all the guides you need to easily complete the game 100%.

Merry Christmas ! Maybe you were lucky enough to find a brand new copy of God of War Ragnarok under the tree, and who knows, maybe accompanied by the PS5 thanks to the bundle offered by Sony since November 9th. In any case, if you launch the game for the first time, do not hesitate to consult our guides to make the most of the long adventure that awaits you.

Weapons, armor, gameplay: all our tips

The base of the bases, with the list of the best armors, our tips to optimize the way you play and more general advice on the difficulty or the lifespan: in short, everything you need to start well until the last final sprint with the endgame content of Ragnarok. With 9 realms to explore and dozens of collectibles to collect, whether for completing trophies or simply solving a side quest, you will quickly see that the content of the game is particularly dense, so do not hesitate to keep the index below in a corner of your favorites.

Walkthrough of quests and services

If the development of the scenario of God of War Ragnarok is really well paced, it should also be noted that the game gives itself small breaths at the end of each act importantly, with more open areas crammed full of side quests that you’re going to have to complete if you’re at all interested in the best gear in the game. exceptions: all of the side content from Kratos and Atreus’ Second Voyage is worth a look.

All our boss guides

Santa Monica Studios Heard Player Criticisms About God of War 2018’s Bestiary A Bit Too Small : Ragnarok has many more bosses and he trades his valkyries against a dozen berserkers who may shake your fleas if you go to face them without preparing yourself a minimum. There is also a small selection of particularly well-stocked ultimate bosses and that’s nice, since it will force you to go for equipment optimizations until the last hour. We wish you much courage in the face of the new queen of the valkyries!

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