Google wants to show more desktop search results

Google wants to show more desktop search results

The search engine is deploying a continuous scrolling system on its desktop version to display the first six pages of results at once.

A little over a year after introducing a continuous scrolling system for its search engine on mobile, Google is starting to roll it out to Desktop. The objective is to improve navigation in the search results, in particular by displaying more content without having to navigate on several pages. For the moment, the Mountain View company seems to have deployed this novelty only for users residing in the United States.

Six pages of results displayed at once

Until now, when you launch a query in the search engine, it offers, in all and for all, only ten results. To consult the following results, you have no choice but to click on the dedicated button to access the results of the following page. But this model will soon be outdated. Soon, the search engine will offer a navigation system with continuous scrolling that will display, in one go, six pages of results. Beyond that, you will be prompted to click a “More” button to load and display the next six result pages. On the mobile version of the search engine, this system, already in place, only displays four pages of results.

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© – Google will soon remove navigation in results by page in favor of navigation with continuous scrolling.

Better visibility for secondary page results

The introduction of this continuous scrolling system could prove very positive for some websites. Since the majority of users currently often stop at the results offered on the first page, the queries returned by Google on the following pages could, thanks to continuous scrolling, obtain much better visibility.

For several months now, and while users seem to be complaining about a deterioration in the results provided, Google has been trying to improve its search engine by integrating new features. The American giant has, for example, introduced Multisearch, a multiple search function specific to Google Lens and which allows words, images or even voice to be associated with a single request.

More recently, Google decided to modify very subtly the home page of its search engine. The American giant has indeed integrated a Google Lens button thanks to which it is now possible to launch a search from an image with a single click.

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