Great Barometer: in Brussels, Ecolo plummets and the PTB rises

Great Barometer: in Brussels, Ecolo plummets and the PTB rises

The Greens are still losing their feathers and become the fourth party: Socialists and Liberals are in the lead, according to our Le Soir-RTL Info-Ipsos poll.

SIf we voted this Sunday, the Greens would fall to fourth place in terms of voting intentions. This is what our Le Soir-RTL Info-Ipsos survey, which focuses on the federal riding, indicates. Their 20.3% vote last March fell to 18% (June), 15.8% (September) and finally 13% (December). As last September, Socialists and Liberals are racing in the lead. With always the advantage for the first (21.6%) against the second (20.3%). Their closest pursuer now turns out to be… PTB. The Marxists obtained 12.3% in the last ballot. In the event of an election, they would now collect 16.1%.

In Brussels, the three most popular political personalities do not change. Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), Sophie Wilmès (MR) and Paul Magnette still form the top three. The first, however, steals first place from the second.

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Great Barometer: in Brussels, Ecolo plummets and the PTB on the rise

Brussels top 3 personalities

Wallonia: the PS in the lead, the PTB at the party

The PS – even if it is a little weakened compared to the 2019 election where Paul Magnette, Elio Di Rupo &co had collected 26% of the votes – remains largely the first party. The reds point to 23.7% which allows them to widen the gap with the MR, to 20.4%. There is no “Bouchez” effect, neither in a positive sense nor in the other. The other major trend that is confirmed is the permanent installation of the PTB in third place on the podium of the voting intentions of Walloons and Walloons, with 17.9%. For ecologists, if we cannot speak of an industrial disaster as in the capital, we clearly no longer see the enthusiasm of 2019.

On the podium, Sophie Wilmès remains in the lead, ahead of Alexander De Croo and Paul Magnette.

Wallonia top 3 personalities

Flanders: Vlaams Belang again at its zenith in Flanders

Nothing seems to be able to slow down the rise of the extreme right in the north of the country. For the twelfth time in fourteen waves, since the 2019 elections, our Grand barometer Ipsos-RTL-Le Soir-Het laatste nieuws-VTM indicates that voters would place Vlaams-Belang in first position, this time at 25.5% of voice. It’s four percentage points gained, beyond the margin of error. The N-VA does not suffer so much since it even progresses to 22%. In other words, 47.5% of Flemings who answered our survey are ready to vote for a party that wants the end of Belgium. In third place, Vooruit stagnates, at 16.1%.

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