Guinea fowl, typical poultry filled with dietary qualities

Guinea fowl, typical poultry filled with dietary qualities

Its juicy flesh with a marked style, between sport and poultry, brings a contact of originality to the plate. With its diminished format, it has every little thing to seduce: it means that you can eat domestically, as a result of all French consumption is produced in France, and to please 4 company, with out waste. It additionally has unsuspected well being advantages, as defined by Dr. Laurence Plumey, nutritionist at Antoine Béclère Hospital (Clamart) and writer of the “Grand livre de l’alimentation” which has simply been reissued by Eyrolles. .

Why do you advocate consuming guinea fowl?

LAURENCE PLUMEY. This poultry is each excessive in protein – 30 to 35 g per 150 g serving – and low in fats. It’s thus low in energy: 160 to 180 kcal per serving, roughly like fish or eggs. It incorporates simply the quantity of fats essential to make its flesh tasty, however not an excessive amount of to make sure a superb dietary stability. Nevertheless, all of the cuts do not need the identical traits: the thighs, that are softer, include extra lipids (3 to 4 g/100 g) than the whites (0.7 to 1 g/100 g). Furthermore, in guinea fowl, saturated fat which have a tendency to advertise ldl cholesterol deposits within the arteries are very uncommon (lower than 25%), in favor of omega-9, good fat beneficial to stop cardiovascular problems. This meat has one other uncommon high quality: it offers a whole lot of zinc, an antioxidant mineral discovered primarily in fish and seafood. A portion of guinea fowl offers almost 2.2 mg, that’s say 25% of our day by day wants. It additionally delivers group B nutritional vitamins that assist remodel meals into power and thus defend in opposition to fatigue.

Is its meat appropriate for everybody?

It’s really appropriate with slimming diets and people supposed to handle extra dangerous ldl cholesterol. It’s also appropriate for all ages. Nicely cooked and combined, it’s appropriate for kids from 7-8 months, on the fee of 1 teaspoon per day. For older kids, the ration ought to be tailored to their age: 50 g at 5 years outdated, 100 g at ten years outdated, then 150 g from twelve years outdated, both a pleasant thigh or a complete breast. Guinea fowl is especially indicated for girls insofar because it incorporates very fascinating portions of iron, particularly within the thighs: 2.5 mg per 100 g, a price greater than most different poultry. One in two ladies is iron poor

How to decide on it and cook dinner it greatest?

A great guinea fowl has a fleshy carcass and orange-brown pores and skin. Entire, its weight ought to be round 1.2 to 1.6 kg. Within the kitchen, it lends itself to all cooking strategies… offered that its flesh, which is poorer in water than that of different poultry, doesn’t dry out. It’s due to this fact higher to cook dinner it slowly and at a decrease temperature than a hen: between 150 and 180°C most if you wish to roast it within the oven. However you may also braise it in a casserole or put it in a steamer. To be beautiful, guinea fowl should be eaten barely pink.

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