‘He pushed her under the bus’, ‘A line was crossed’: Prince Harry’s interview draws heavy criticism

‘He pushed her under the bus’, ‘A line was crossed’: Prince Harry’s interview draws heavy criticism

The British royal family in panic: a “situation room” created to deal with the attacks of Prince Harry’s book

‘Prince Harry has sold his mother-in-law’

For royal experts, however, it is not surprising that the prince takes it out on the wife of King Charles III. “He needed that to ask a high price for his interviews”, details Joelle Vanden Houden in Het Nieuwsblad, stressing that the youngest son of Charles III would ultimately be “the main victim of his remarks”. “He sold his mother-in-law and pushed her under the bus. […] He definitely broke his image as the friendliest member of British royalty.”

For specialist Harry de Paepe, there are two explanations for the timing of these attacks. “First of all, Harry probably realizes that he’s already done so much damage anyway that these statements aren’t going to change much. But, in addition, he has been in the news since his interview with Oprah Winfrey last March. It’s been ten months… So he had to distribute his ammunition to make sure to keep the attention of the press…”, he confides to the Flemish media.

“He sold his soul”: the British press fires red balls at Prince Harry after his “devastating” revelations

“A line has been crossed”

Katie Nicholl, who takes an interest in British royalty for Vanity Fair, believes that “a line has been crossed”. Indeed, according to the latter, Prince William would be “devastated” by his brother’s statements. was surprised by all the details he gave. He was also amazed at how far he was willing to go,” she tells Page Six.

If the Duke of Sussex has repeated his desire to reconcile with the members of his family, the experts are skeptical. “I have the impression more and more that he has absolutely no idea what he has done with his interviews, his Netflix series and his book”, concludes Harry De Paepe in Het Nieuwsblad.

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