“He sold his soul”: the British press fires red balls at Prince Harry after his “devastating” revelations

“He sold his soul”: the British press fires red balls at Prince Harry after his “devastating” revelations

Inevitably, the British press, in particular the tabloids, talks about this subject extensively and is having a great time this Friday, January 6th. Starting with the Daily Mirror. “Now it’s all over”headlines the newspaper with a photo of the two princes as children. “No one will come out better from this mind-blowing way to wash their dirty laundry in public”continues the newspaper. “People will hate or love Harry for talking. But every story has two sides. The people have the right to hear the other side too.”

For the Daily Express, this information will certainly not improve things. “Reconcile ? But you sold your soul, Harry”announces the tabloid. “The prince no longer has any chance of reconciling with his family”writes the newspaper. “Sources close to the royal family said Harry would ‘never be forgiven’ after revealing the intimate details and he would be branded a ‘traitor’. A former member of royal staff, who knew William and Harry while working in the house, said there would ‘never be going back for Harry’.”

For its part, the Daily Star prefers to use humor with a little play on words. “Carry on your dukes”insists the newspaper, referring to the fists and the title of the two men with boxing gloves.

Tabloid of Tabloids, the Sun does not focus on the relationship between Harry and William. The newspaper mentions the drug which the prince spoke about in his book. “I took coke and weed”simply title the media. “The royal family has locked itself in crisis meetings. For her, the revelations are even more serious than she feared.”

The Daily Mail insists on confessions about the war in Afghanistan. “Oh, spare us”he titles with a pun on the title of the book (Spare). In his book, Harry explains that he killed 25 Taliban during the war. “Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp yesterday said the Duke of Sussex’s decision to release details in his forthcoming autobiography ‘Spare’ amounted to ‘betrayal of the people he fought with’.”

Twitter, Daily Mail
Twitter, Daily Mail ©Twitter, Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph dwells on the relationship between Harry’s father and the one who replaced Diana. “We begged him not to marry Camilia”headlines the newspaper.

”Harry reveals his secrets in devastating memoirs”writes the Times. For the newspaper, it is “of the most devastating royal revelations for more than a generation”. A book that could “make permanent the rift between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family…”

Finally, the BBC’s public media draws a parallel between two well-known malaises in the royal family. “This book recalls the trauma of Diana’s death., assures the BBC. “From the loss of his mother to his loss of trust in his family or his virginity, Prince Harry’s explosive memories spare few within the royal family.

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Twitter – Hours ©Twitter – Hours

The British press managed to get the book before anyone else. Spare will officially be released next Tuesday.

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