here are Luc Trullemans’ forecasts for the end of January

here are Luc Trullemans’ forecasts for the end of January

The weather will be calm and still cold this Wednesday with a lot of freezing fog or low stratus which will dissipate with great difficulty from the center to the Ardennes region but which will still give way to clearings in the north and west of the country.

Temperatures at the start of the afternoon will show 3º at the seaside, 1 to 3º in the center and south of the country and 1 to -3º depending on the altitude in the Ardennes.

here are Luc Trullemans’ forecasts for the end of January

The following night, with the approach of a disturbance which will have crossed the British Isles, it will start to rain before midnight on the side of the coast and then also more in the interior of the country. This disturbance will weaken and in contact with the cold air on the regions located south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow, it will give some snowfalls in the morning.

Temperatures will rise during the night to show in the early morning 5 to 7º in the two Flanders, western Hainaut and Antwerp, 0 to 4º in the center of the country but only -1 to -3º in the east.


In the morning it will still rain a little in the center of the country and small snowfalls above 300m in the provinces of Namur and Liège.

These snowfalls will then fade under an often gray sky but becoming a little more variable in the west.

With the arrival of the maritime air, temperatures will rise everywhere to reach 8 to 8º in the western half of the country and -1 to 4º in the eastern half.



As a new pressure of high pressure will appear on the British Isles and the North Sea, the wind will be oriented at home between the north and the northeast bringing us a new puff of fairly cold air with quite a lot of greyness and even some snowflakes on the north of the Ardennes.

We will lose a couple of degrees compared to the day before with maximums between 2 and 5º in the plain and at the sea and between 2 and -2º on the Ardennes relief.

The following night will be cold with widespread frosts inland.

It will be 2 to 3º by the sea, -1 to -4º in the plain and -4 to -6º in the Ardennes or even -6 to -10º in certain valleys in the east of the country.



The morning will be calm and very foggy with freezing fog and during the day we should see the sun again from the center to the east of the country in an air where the maximum will show 6º at the coast, 1 to 3º in the plains and 1 to -3º depending on the altitude south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow.



The westerly wind will be felt more and more and will bring us air that is less and less cold but laden with humidity and low clouds which could distill light rain or drizzle and perhaps a few flakes in the upper Ardennes.

Highs up from 5 to 7º in the plain and between 4 and -1º in the Ardennes.


Begining of the next week

Deep depressions will follow one another over the northern Atlantic and northern Europe, leaving us in less cold ocean currents where daytime temperatures will vary according to altitude between 8 and 1º over the country.


The wind will sometimes blow in gusts of 50 to 80 km/h and the precipitation will generally be rain or drizzle but sometimes melting snow in the upper Ardennes where some thawing will occur.


Evolution for the rest of the week

The conditions should remain unchanged with, however, a small drop in temperatures which will bring us snowfall on the eastern heights while rain or showers will remain present in the plains and in the Ardennes valleys.



Trend for the period from February 4 to 6

The forecasts envisage a drier period with seasonal temperatures and therefore no real cold snap to fear.

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