Here are the best Chrome extensions of 2022 according to Google

Here are the best Chrome extensions of 2022 according to Google

Google continues its selection of the best applications and software of 2022 by attacking extensions for its Chrome browser this time. The web giant unveils its nuggets, classified into four categories.

After its ranking of the best apps of 2022, Google is looking at the Chrome extensions that caught its attention this year. On the program: work, concentration, entertainment and learning.

Google’s Favorite Chrome Extensions

The success of browser extensions is undeniable. They are among the first things you install when using a new web browser. They are above all there to make our lives easier by avoiding having to look for certain features on the web or on other applications installed on our PCs. From the password manager to the spell checker or the screenshot, being able to do it in two clicks without leaving the web offers undeniable comfort.

Google’s first recommendations revolve around work, with the extension Tango which assists you in creating tutorials by recording screenshots of what you are doing in real time and then offering automated formatting.

Google also highlights the extension SwiftRead to do speed reading from any page and the extension LINING to highlight and save texts, images and videos on the web. Compose AI is also presented. This application uses artificial intelligence to assist you in writing text, as ChatGPT can do. Finally, the expansion Visbug offers debugging tools for designers to “tinker” and style a website with just a few clicks.

Google then switches to “focus” mode with the presentation of the extension Workona Tab Manager which offers the possibility of creating workspaces within your web browser for each project in progress. The expansion CrXMouse Chrome Gestures lets you add navigation gestures to your mouse. Very practical.

Some Chrome extensions can also help you in game. This is the case of RoPro which is a tool intended for players and merchants on the game phenomenon Roblox. It is also possible to learn while having fun. This is what the extension offers eJoy English which adds the translation of subtitles on Netflix, YouTube or even Amazon Prime. Perfect for having two lines of subtitles in two different languages ​​at the same time.

Among the other educational extensions, Google puts a spotlight on The equation which digitizes math to help teachers and students easily create equations, formulas and quizzes. The selection ends with MyBib which is an automatic generator of citations and bibliographies that students can then simply integrate into their assignments, dissertations, etc.

An interesting selection that allowed us to discover some extensions that we did not know. We hope this is also the case for you! Feel free to share your favorite extensions in the comments.

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