Here is the most affordable popular car to own in Belgium

Here is the most affordable popular car to own in Belgium

When costs are soaring in all areas of public life, every expense counts and one of those that has the biggest impact on the monthly budget of Belgians is obviously the cost of a car. Although more and more Belgians now own a company car (a survey conducted by Securex indicates that the share of workers on permanent contracts with a company car increased by 7% between 2019 and mid-2022) , many people still have to get a vehicle on their own. If recently the Febiac revealed the favorite cars of the Belgians, with the Citroën C at the top of the podium, it would not be the most affordable car on the market here. Indeed, the one that would be the most advantageous for the Belgian’s wallet would in fact be the Volkswagen Golf according to the survey conducted by FINN Auto.

In video, the top of the favorite cars of the Belgians:

To make this selection, the car subscription specialist compared the average annual income of several countries, the average price of fuel in each country, the cost of the most popular cars and the popularity of these. Result ? Belgium ranks 5th among the countries where it is the most affordable to own a popular car, just ahead of France. Luxembourg comes first among the countries where the percentage of the purchase of a car on the average income represents only 36.69% of the annual budget. This is due to the relatively high average salaries.

Despite the 6.3% increase in new vehicle costs in the United States since last year, the United States is the second most affordable country to own a vehicle. Here, the most popular model is the Ford F-150. The United States ranks first thanks to its very low fuel prices at $1.21 (€1.12) per liter and also has one of the highest annual revenues in the study.

Australia is in third place in this ranking. Australia has one of the cheapest fuel prices at just $1.25 (€1.15) per liter and also has one of the cheapest income percentages for buying a car, only 39.15%. Australia’s favorite vehicle is the Toyota Hilux, which costs just $22,160 (€20,475) for citizens.

With us, the Volkswagen Golf costs a total of €31,045 for an estimated average annual salary of €56,275. So you now know which model to turn to for a trendy car, which doesn’t require you to put all your savings into it.

Find the full ranking here.

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