Hisense Introduces ULED Mini LED TVs, Laser TVs and Smart Home

Hisense Introduces ULED Mini LED TVs, Laser TVs and Smart Home

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LASVEGAS, January 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hisense showcased its new 2023 product lineup including ULED TVs, new laser TVs, smart home, and more at CES 2023. globally, Hisense offers customers a variety of options that enrich their day-to-day activities, delivering superior quality products.

ULED TV: the 110 ULEDX model received the CES Innovation Award

At this year’s show, Hisense’s 110 ULEDX TV was recognized as a CES Innovation Award winner. Featuring a 110-inch screen and 8K resolution, the 110 ULEDX TV is equipped with the highest quality viewing technologies, including MiniLED backlighting, 2500nits peak brightness and unparalleled picture quality performance. HDR. Thanks to active and intelligent backlight control and a new chipset 8k exclusive, viewers can enjoy an optimal viewing experience no matter how the mood changes. In addition to advanced picture technologies, the ULEDX TV also creates cinema-quality sound with a dual left and right audio design and 3.1.2-channel audio system for immersive ambient sound. Besides the ULEDX TV, the U8K, U7K and U6K series were also on display at this year’s CES.

Hisense Introduces ULED Mini LED TVs, Laser TVs and Smart Home

Laser TV: more enjoyable picture quality

The laser8K TV was shown for the first time in overseas markets at this year’s CES. This limited-edition product incorporates the most advanced laser television technology, including a tri-color laser light source, DolbyAtmos audio technology, DTSVirtual:X, IMAX enhanced certifications, and more. Hisense’s latest laser TVs enhance the viewing experience with a new high-gain ALR display for increased brightness and a sharper picture, a built-in TV tuner and premium audio quality and features. A variety of models, including the L9H and L5H, are ready to meet different consumer needs.

Hisense 8K Laser TV

Smart home: a new way of living

Hisense has also evolved its smart home strategy, leveraging its strengths in display technology, home appliances and operating systems. ConnectLife, Hisense’s commitment to this strategy, makes managing everyday tasks easier, more sustainable and more fun. Similarly, Hisense’s VIDAA smart TV operating platform, together with ConnectLife, brings together smart home appliances to create a connected ecosystem that facilitates home management and monitoring, placing the user at the center of the home experience.

One of the highlights of Hisense’s presentation was Hisense’s Future of Cooking technology, which has made cooking easier and smarter. For example, Hisense’s smart combi steamer provides users with many convenient functions, such as cooking by zone, scanning cooking, automatic steam release, etc.

Hisense ConnectLife Experience Area at CES 2023

Hisense ConnectLife Experience Area at CES 2023In addition, Hisense’s commercial display was also exhibited at CES2023. Offering a vibrant 4K experience, industry-leading reliability and the latest Android operating systems, Hisense will offer various commercial display solutions that will create a unique interactive experience for users.

The CES gives a boost to the consumption of household appliances. With the With Hisense’s presence, consumers got a glimpse of convenience and a new direction in changing appliances.

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