How to choose the right gift for Saint Nicholas: here are the three trends of this year

How to choose the right gift for Saint Nicholas: here are the three trends of this year

1 Derivative objects

The lists are closed and sent. Saint-Nicolas, in full rush before December 6, is preparing to spoil our dear children. But what are the toy trends this year?

For little Raphaël’s dad, without hesitation, it will be Paw Patrol and Pyjamask. Successful cartoons and films are a major inspiration for the objects desired by the little ones.

Veerle De Witte, general manager of a chain of toy stores confirms: “As soon as there is a new film coming out, we immediately notice that there is a demand from customers and of course we try to provide them with what they need. It can be toys , books, costumes to dress up”she explains. “The Snow Queen is a good example of that.”

2 Games for everyone

Another observation: we opt much more than before on intergenerational games. Understand: we are looking for board games with no age limits so that everyone can participate. “So that parents, grandparents, grandchildren can play together, to create a connection.

3 Economics

Veerle De Witte also notices that the promotions are more privileged this year. Now is the time to save… and even energy. “We have more and more requests from parents for more durable toys”notes the director.

“1.8 million toys in transit”

And to respond to all these requests, we are working behind the scenes. In a large warehouse, since the beginning of October, 1.8 million toys are in transit. Managing this workload requires 40% more staff… And greatly intensified delivery rates. François Delrue, department head of a toy distribution center, confirms: “Since the beginning of November, we have been delivering to our stores daily, compared to three to four times a week outside this period.” A hard time to satisfy the whole family!

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