How to explain the riots in Brussels after Belgium – Morocco? “It is a specific problem, something is bubbling in the capital”

How to explain the riots in Brussels after Belgium – Morocco? “It is a specific problem, something is bubbling in the capital”

The images aroused great indignation, even in the United States. Even before the final whistle of the match between Belgium and Morocco, scuffles broke out in downtown Brussels. Burned cars, heavily damaged equipment, clashes… the situation degenerated and led to a dozen administrative arrests.

Riots after Morocco’s victory over the Red Devils: sad images of ransacked Brussels

”A problem specific to Benelux and the Parisian suburbs”

A sad celebration for the victory of the Atlas Lions against the Red Devils, which puzzled both the authorities and the population. If the excesses have been widely condemned by the Belgian political class, many have wondered about the causes of these riots. According to political scientist Fouad Gandoul, this is not a cultural phenomenon. “Many Moroccans also live in Italy or Finland for example. However, things like that do not happen there”, he justifies, with the VRT. “This is a problem that is specifically in the Benelux and in the Parisian suburbs. Something is bubbling in Brussels. It only grabs attention when the world’s eyes are on the capital, but it’s there all the time.”

The expert sees in the profile of the young people present during the incidents a source of explanation. “These are often third or fourth generation young people who have completely detached themselves from parental authority and have no regard for the police,” he continues, warning of the turn things could take. . “[…] At the moment, we are still dealing with teenagers who are going wild, but soon these rioters will be adults. What kind of society will we live in then?”

Big excesses in Brussels after Belgium-Morocco
Big excesses in Brussels after Belgium-Morocco ©EdA Mathieu Golinvaux

The tackle at PS and Ecolo

Specifically targeting PS and Ecolo, the political scientist regrets that some politicians carefully avoid tackling the problem head-on for fear of alienating their non-native electorate. “It is easy to talk about the scum who do not represent the whole community, but if you want a solution, you have to look at the situation as a whole and take the appropriate measures”, confides Fouad Gandoul to our colleagues from the VRT.

The political scientist sweeps away the allegations of some indicating that these scuffles were a call for help. “Their goal is anarchy, outright destruction. There are no rational arguments for setting your own neighborhood on fire. There is no excuse”, he concludes, believing that these incidents are not the first and that they will not be the last.

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