How to prepare a good coffee without a coffee machine?

How to prepare a good coffee without a coffee machine?

Some people can’t do without coffee to start the day off right. For lack of time or lack of means, everyone does not have a beautiful machine capable of preparing the best coffee for a good morning. Others decide to buy takeout. But spending a few euros every day for a coffee is quickly felt on our wallet. Better to prepare your own coffee. You still have to adopt the right gestures… An article in the British media The Guardian provides some tips for achieving this with the help of James Hoffmann, barista and author of the book “How to make the best coffee at home?” .

In the video, discover the five signs that prove that you are drinking too much coffee:

Preserve grain freshness

According to James Hoffmann, it is essential to invest in a good coffee grinder. Its main asset? It allows you to prepare different coffees by adjusting the grind size. Another object strongly recommended: the scale to be able to carefully weigh the grains. “It may seem a bit corny, but the tool is really effective. Kitchen scales work very well” underlines the barista. Once the grains have been purchased, it is essential to put them in an airtight container, away from light. The beans must indeed retain all their freshness to obtain the best coffees at home. Dale Harris, founder of Ozone Coffee in London, adds: “The beans can be brewed within four to six weeks of purchase. This trick will make your coffee taste noticeably better.”

Coffee filters and glass carafe

If you buy your coffee in a supermarket, pay attention to the vocabulary mentioned on the package. “If you read fruity words in the description, that indicates a certain level of acidity. A sweeter and nuttier description means there is more aroma. Another crucial step is how you will infuse your beans. of coffee. Coffee filters are obviously a good option, but Dale Harris advises turning to a Chemex. The object is an hourglass-shaped glass carafe, with a wooden neck and a leather lace. Its more It has a portafilter built in. According to Dale Harris, it is “difficult to go back to having used the Chemex as the coffee produced is clear and delicious”.

Nick Law, founder of Bean Shot coffee located in the south of England, also swears by the Chemex, which he says is “a versatile device that you can take anywhere”. He also uses 18 to 20 grams of coffee for 240 ml of water. It must be filtered at a temperature of around 90°. You are now ready to prepare your own coffee. all you have to do is slip it into the thermos to be in good shape all day.

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