How to turn off an illuminated airbag light

How to turn off an illuminated airbag light

The airbag is a safety and protection system that is supposed to be triggered in the event of an accident. It is now part of the standard equipment of vehicles, all categories combined. Its presence is indicated by a light located on the dashboard. However, this warning light may come on to indicate a possible fault. Here are some tips to quickly solve this problem.

Does the airbag light come on on your dashboard? Find out how to interpret and deactivate this signal without going through the garage box.

Airbag warning light on

Airbag warning light on. Source: spm

When you start your car, you notice that some lights come on. If the one concerning the airbag suddenly lights up, it is generally for the following reasons:

  • A system failure: if the airbag system encounters a malfunction, the warning light will flash immediately to warn you
  • Installing a baby seat: the warning light comes on when the airbag on the passenger side is deactivated to place a baby seat, except in the case of an automatic car.
  • A drums low : the airbag warning light can be explained by a drop in battery power. The light being dependent on the power supply.
  • Faulty connectors: it is very likely in this case that it is a bad wired connection, which explains the light on.
  • Improperly powered shock sensors : as they are no longer operational, these cause the airbag warning light to come on.

Airbag triggered

Airbag triggered. Source: spm

To quickly deactivate the airbag warning light, do not hesitate to carry out the following checks:

  1. Airbag activation : just reset the system thanks to the switch which usually found in the glove box or at the end of the dashboard, passenger side. Using your ignition key, simply turn the switch so that the airbag activates and the light goes out.
  2. Connecting the airbag connectors: you can check the electrical cables present under the front seats. The unplug and plug them back in again could suffice to settle this problem. If the warning light nevertheless remains on after this operation, the malfunction is not therefore due to the connectors.
  3. La load drums : the airbag warning light is very sensitive to variations in the voltage of your battery. You have to make sure using a multimeter that your vehicle’s battery is not less than 12 volts at rest. If so, recharge it using a battery charger or booster. The light should then go out.

If after all these checks and interventions you do not obtain conclusive results, you must imperatively go to a specialized mechanic. He will then be able to establish a diagnosis and carry out the necessary intervention.

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