HTTP Server – Definition and Explanations

HTTP Server – Definition and Explanations


Protocol stack
seven • Software
6 • Presentation
5 • Session
4 • Transportation (Transportation is the act of carrying one thing, or somebody, from one place to a different, essentially the most…)
3 • Community (A pc community is a set of apparatus linked collectively to alternate info…)
2 • Connection
1 • Bodily (Physics (from the Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically the…)
Mannequin the Web (Web is the worldwide pc community that makes companies obtainable to the general public…)
OSI mannequin (The OSI mannequin (from the English Open Programs Interconnection, “Interconnection of…)

And HTTP-server The place HTTP daemon The place HTTPd (HTTP Daemon) or (much less exactly) Internet serveris a software program (In computing, software program is a set of data regarding processing…) serving requests respecting the communication protocol (In pc networking and telecommunications, a communication protocol is a…) shopper server (The shopper/server structure designates a mode of communication between a number of computer systems of a…) Hypertext Switch Protocol (The HyperText Switch Protocol, higher identified beneath the abbreviation HTTP, actually the…) (HTTP), which was developed for the Web (The World Extensive Internet, actually the “(spider’s) internet…).

HTTP server and internet server

The primary HTTP server (a Subsequent (NeXT Laptop, Inc (now NeXT Software program, Inc) was a pc firm…) from CERN, 1991)

And pc (A pc is a machine outfitted with a processing unit permitting it…) on which an HTTP server operates is named an online server. The time period “internet server” may consult with the HTTP server (the software program) itself. Each phrases are used for software program as a result of the HTTP protocol was developed for the online and internet pages are in follow nonetheless served utilizing this protocol. Different internet assets resembling downloads or circulation (The phrase flux (from the Latin fluxus, circulation) usually designates a set of parts…) sound or video (The video brings collectively all of the methods, expertise, permitting the recording in addition to the…) are regularly used with different protocols.

HTTP server software program

Probably the most used HTTP servers are:

  • Apache HTTP Server Apache Software program Basis (The Apache Software program Basis is a non-profit group that…)successor to NCSA HTTPd;
  • Web Data Providers (IIS) from Microsoft;
  • Solar (Solar Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) is a pc producer and software program writer…) Java System Internet Server Photo voltaic microsystems (Solar Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) is a pc producer and software program writer…) (previously iPlanet from Netscape, then Solar ONE from Solar Microsystems);
  • Zeus Internet Server Zeus expertise;
  • lighttpd Jan Kneschke;
  • nginx by Igor Sysoev.

Probably the most extensively used HTTP server is Apache HTTP Server which serves about 60% of internet sites in 2007 in accordance with netcraft (Netcraft is an organization based mostly in Tub, England. It makes a speciality of…).

Traditionally, different essential HTTP servers had been CERN httpd, developed by the inventors of the Internet, discontinued July 15, 1996, and NCSA HTTPd, developed at NCSA on the similar time (Time is an idea developed by human beings to apprehend the…) as NCSA Mosaic, discontinued in mid-1994, in addition to WebObjects.

There are additionally HTTP servers that are utility servers able to doing HTTP server, like Roxen The place caudium (Initially based mostly on Roxen 1.3, the Caudium software program is a robust, multithreaded HTTP server…).

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