“I am a candidate”: Paul Magnette makes an important announcement

“I am a candidate”: Paul Magnette makes an important announcement

I am a candidate for my re-election at the head of the Socialist Party“, launches Paul Magnette on Bel RTL this morning. The guest of 7:50 am this Thursday believes that there is “still far too many injustices and inequalities“.”For more than 135 years, the Socialist Party has been the party that defends workers, those who have the most difficulty and who fight against inequalities. I still have a lot of desire and energy to continue to lead these fights.”

For the Carolo, re-election at the head of his party is the priority and refuses to advance on an ambition for the post of Prime Minister. “HASWith ‘ifs’, we put Paris in a bottle. Let the citizens speak“, he replies. “I am simply saying that if the socialist family is the first in the country, I will not renounce the responsibilities that are necessary in this case. My ambition is first and foremost to fight for citizens, for workers and against inequalities for more social justice..”

Elections in sight, the end of alliances?

The next elections will be held in 2024. Depending on the results, many cards could be folded and today’s alliances will no longer necessarily play in the balance. “What matters is the content and the program. I only joined this government because we negotiated a massive increase in the lowest pensions, a massive refinancing of health care, an increase in the low allowances, the minimum wage, a strengthening of public services and I will do exactly the same thing tomorrow.”

I have always said that I would be happy to make the most progressive coalitions possible. But it is the citizens who distribute the cards. They are the ones who decide who they will trust. I never hid that if we can do it without the Liberals, it’s better“, further advances the 51-year-old politician.