“I am supposed to provide a receipt for a ticket that is six years old”

“I am supposed to provide a receipt for a ticket that is six years old”

Belgians have been receiving letters from bailiffs from Italy for several months. Since the 1960s, Nivi, a private company, has been managing tolls in this country. And until last year, it had great difficulty in identifying bad payers, but it is now resolved, which means that it is the end of impunity for Belgian drivers.

Leon’s bad experience

Indeed, an agreement was concluded in November 2021 between Italy and Belgium, and this facilitates collaboration and the distribution of fines between us. This sometimes gives rise to absurdities, as Léon Caelen explains to our colleagues from “Het Belang Van Limburg”: “Six years ago, I paid three euros for a toll, and I now receive a fine because which I did not pay. According to them, the payment would not have succeeded but the barrier would still have been lifted. »

“I can assure you that I had paid in cash. But now they’re asking me to provide a receipt for something six years ago. I thought they were scammers, but I do have to pay 39.75 euros, ”continues the annoyed driver.

How to react ?

However, the SPF Mobilité indicated at the beginning of the year that Nivi could not request a fine for a period prior to the conclusion of the agreement. Therefore, anything dating back to before November 19, 2021 cannot be claimed by Italy. You can therefore challenge the fine by contacting the Nivi yourself.


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