“I am tired of all these doses”, the fatigue of some Chambériens in the face of the increase in cases

“I am tired of all these doses”, the fatigue of some Chambériens in the face of the increase in cases

Calls for vaccination against covid are increasing as the holidays approach! The epidemic is progressing rapidly. Website covid tracker
announcement over 40,000 positive cases per day on average. That’s 38% more than last week. This is what this 9th wave looks like and it comes in a moment of crisis in the hospital. Doctor Olivier Rogeaux affirms that the winter will be complicated in particular because of the flu and bronchiolitis.

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“You have to put on the mask from the moment you are in a confined place” – Olivier Rogeaux, infectiologist from Chambéry

Making the mask compulsory again, in a closed environment, is one of the avenues envisaged by the government. But the Savoyards do not seem ready to take the plunge, even in public transport.

  • “Honestly, I don’t like wearing the mask. If I don’t have to, I don’t” – Dorine Chamberienne.
  • “If I see that there are people I put it on, but this morning, on my way to town, I went out without a mask” – Isabelle, at a bus stop
  • “I am skeptical about these vaccines. I am mostly tired. I will only do the fourth dose when it is critical – Chantal, 77 years old.

Where is the vaccination?

According to Doctor Olivier Rogeaux, the problem of this wave is the lack of vaccination. According to the committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks, less than 40% of 60-80 year olds received a booster dose this fall. It’s even worse for those over 80 who would only be 20%.

The government calls on the French to be injected with a booster dose. For its vaccination campaign, it bases itself on the recommendations of the High Authority for Health. According to her, the target audience remains pregnant womenpeople with comorbidities or over the age of 60. We also forget that those who meet them regularly, their entourage and professionals in the health and social sector are also concerned by this recommendation. The only restriction is towait at least 6 months after the last dose of vaccine, 3 months for people over 80, or after an infection.

Finally, with the family meal at Christmas, many are concerned without knowing it. Especially since recommendation for some does not say prohibition for others. That’s why pharmacists ask for a “clearly written to say to vaccinate everyoneThey also want to know who will be prioritized for vaccines that also target the Omicron variant strain.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19
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