“I lost 38 kilos” (video)

“I lost 38 kilos” (video)

You are coming back to Belgium on January 26 and 27, but you haven’t been here for a long time. Why ?

I come less because I had health concerns and then there are the problems you have in Belgium. We’re ripping you off with the price of electricity. People save money and I am considered a luxury product even if I am not really in this area (laughs).

Oh you too, are you a victim of the crisis?

Yes, so I say thank you to the Belgian government. If you could just put things back to how they were…

You will give us your predictions for 2023. Let’s talk about your troubles first. Someone is trying to impersonate you.

It’s someone who takes my photos on Facebook and pretends to be me. He’s in Africa according to my information. He even offers people to bring back wives and husbands who have left in exchange for money. It’s an international disaster because a lot of people are having it and they say Dominique Lehman, it’s a scam, whereas I’ve been doing my job for 40 years. This individual requests that the money be sent to him by Transcash. I don’t do that. They pay me in cash when I see people or they pay into my account. But never oh never do I work with Transcash.

Before coming to see you in Paris, you told me on the phone that you didn’t want to talk about it, as if you were embarrassed. Yet you are a victim.

Yes I didn’t want to because I’m embarrassed, I’m afraid people will think I’m trying to advertise myself. I don’t need ads. Well, I don’t think…

Have you spoken to this crook? And you filed a complaint?

If it persists I will file a complaint. And for the rest I fortunately did not speak to him. If I talk to him I insult him.

At the end of the month, you therefore return to Belgium for face-to-face meetings. Usually your consultations are done by telephone. How do you feel about things? Through intonation?

No, via voice, never via intonation. With intonation some people press a specific word when there are certain problems. I listen to the voice and then I spread out the cards.

And for you, how do you feel?

For me nothing, it is the shoemaker who is the worst shod.

Putin, covid, energy, Hazard… Dominique Lehmann gives us his predictions for 2023: “There are going to be big upheavals in Belgium”

The war in Ukraine, the Covid, the price of electricity, the heat wave or GHB and Belgian politics. Seer star Dominique Lehman takes a look at 2023 for Sudinfo readers.

For the first time since his health problems, the highly publicized Dominique Lehmann will return to Belgium on 26 and 27 January next. Sick, his year 2022 was terrible, as he tells us elsewhere.


In the meantime, “the star of the seers, the seer of the stars” has lost none of his gift and his power. We found him in a Parisian brasserie a few meters from his home. It was there that he gave us his predictions based on feelings and on the deck of cards he used “in confirmation”.

Ukraine or Russia

I say Ukraine will win the game sometime in 2023. I’m not going to make any friends but the Russians are a bit wild anyway. To tell you the truth, I have a grandfather who was Ukrainian. My parents had a restaurant and I spent a lot of time with my grandmother Victoire who passed on her gift to me.

Vladimir Poutine ?

It’s going to end badly. Do you like it, do you? It is false as a type. There will be an uprising. The people can’t take it anymore, they’re fed up. I even fear for his life.

Do you see any use of nuclear weapons?

No. I don’t feel that, it’s not possible. It’s reassuring.

Will the price of electricity and food go down?

It’s a horror… A real horror. I pity my Belgian friends. I have a client who explained to me that the price of gas for her had tripled. The poor went from 300 € to 900 € We must stop the bullshit! But energy prices will come down again, thank God. The price of food, on the other hand, will drop quickly too. But it’s a drop that announces a bigger increase than now.

A political crisis in Belgium?

I fear a problem at some point. Belgians are mistreated by the government. There will be great upheavals. They must recover the money! There will be scandals in Belgium. It is to be expected.

Will Georges Louis Bouchez bring down the government?

(Long silence). He would like, between us is said. But it’s complicated for me to say yes or no because the government is a group. It’s complicated for me to talk about several people.

Will the Red Devils return to the top?

I had been asked for the Devils but I could see there would be a ball in the soup (sic). I dared not say anything. The rest will be complicated.

Eden danger?

Him, I didn’t work on him. I do not know who it is. He’s a player?

Will Covid go away?

The covid, I had announced it. The covid will end in 2023 except that to replace the covid there will be something stronger which will be even more cruel unfortunately. Covid will die and something else will appear. It’s the world that wants it.

A hot summer in Belgium?

Oh la la, yes. It’s gonna get worse and worse. We’re all going to go naked soon!

Natural disasters, such as floods?

It goes hand in hand, when the climate starts messing around, natural disasters happen. Water, fire, air pollution, sick stuff!

At the trial of the Brussels attacks, will Salah Abdeslam speak and help the victims?

I’m not sure he really wants it. Not sure he’s a “collaborator” on that. I think he has so much guilt in him, he doesn’t even dare to talk about it anymore.

Will Princess Elisabeth find love?

Like that, out of the blue, there will most certainly be someone, but at the end of the year

Will Pope Francis step down?

We’re going to change popes. Someone will come to replace him. You have noticed that he is not well…

And Joe Biden?

Him, bye bye. He’s not going to finish his term. Good luck !

Emanuel Macron?

Aaah no! Him, it’s not possible. This guy is giving me pimples. I think he’s shit champion (sic). But there, it is the man who speaks, not the seer.

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