“I’m requested for a deposit of 1,420 euros monthly!”

“I’m requested for a deposit of 1,420 euros monthly!”

Value comparators don’t at all times point out the identical quantities, which typically results in nice confusion amongst clients. Etienne Geraerts modified provider in the beginning of September following a value comparability which indicated that he would solely should pay a deposit of 250 euros.

However as he signifies to our colleagues from Belang van Limburg, the fact is now fairly totally different. As a result of the provider is now asking him… 1,420 euros monthly! “In line with, I must pay 5,385 euros for my consumption on an annual foundation. So how can my provider ask me for a deposit of 1,420 euros monthly? he asks himself. The issue comes from the truth that the website, like different value comparators, used indices and costs which can be not updated for its calculations.

“We’re conscious of the issues and have lengthy been asking for a extra exact technique of comparability…”, signifies Check Achats. This would be the case from November, because the Electrical energy and Fuel Regulatory Fee (CREG) will impose a uniform technique for calculating the estimated annual value of variable-price contracts for electrical energy and pure fuel, whereas bearing in mind vitality costs forecast for the subsequent 12 months.

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