Images of GTA 5 on display in a museum?!

Images of GTA 5 on display in a museum?!

Game News Images of GTA 5 on display in a museum?!

Art and video games can go hand in hand. Since its beginnings, the medium has evolved enormously and has won its letters of nobility to become an object that is stored in a museum. On the artists’ side, and as long as you are quite interested in video games, there are sometimes initiatives that allow you to see certain titles and what is happening there from a very specific angle. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the perfect example: artist Alan Butler has dedicated an exhibition to him, made up of the many photos and videos he was able to take during his adventure.


  • Grand Theft Auto as a reflection of social issues
  • GTA V screenshots and videos on display in art galleries!

Grand Theft Auto as a reflection of social issues

More and more, video game developers are making a point of offering a feature that fans love: Photo mode. Whatever the universe, players like to immortalize certain situations or spend hours fiddling with the screen display in order to take the perfect shot. Behind its assumed satirical side, the Grand Theft Auto license is nonetheless a window on realistic social issues.. It was while strolling in the city of Los Santos, the fictional counterpart of the city of Los Angeles, that the artist and photographer Alan Butler noticed it. As he walked the streets of the city of GTA V, he multiplied the screenshots to raise awareness of the condition of the homeless, people at risk of social exclusion and social issues such as violence and prostitution.

Images of GTA 5 on display in a museum?!Images of GTA 5 on display in a museum?!

It wasn’t until two years after the game’s release that this idea emerged in Alan Butler’s mind. In 2015, so he starts the project Descent and exit to Los Santos “using the mobile phone camera of the explosive trio of this fifth numbered episode. For the photographer, although these are fictional characters, it is entirely possible to feel emotions at the sight of their precarious conditions. As his project evolves and his comings and goings in Los Santos, the artist’s stockpile of snaps and videos was plump enough to make it something even bigger.

GTA V screenshots and videos on display in art galleries!

With the pandemic that hit the world in 2020, the project benefited from greater visibilityin particular because the issues highlighted by the artist were accentuated in Los Angeles, the city serving as inspiration for the game, and in the world, more generally. Meanwhile, Alan Butler had pushed back the photojournalistic approach of the project by posting their photos on Snapmatic, the photo sharing application of Grand Theft Auto Vas well as on Instagram, the major inspiration of Snapmatic, before displaying all this… in art galleries!

In 2017, Alan Butler has the incredible opportunity to display his work in an art gallery in the city of Malmö in Sweden. The success is all the more resounding as he exports this artistic showcase to a whole host of other cities around the world, including the French city of Arles where the Rencontres de la photographie festival takes place every year. For the artist, GTA V was a real breeding ground for inspiration since he notably took up the work of Award Ruscha by surveying a whole gallery of service stations across Los Santos and its surroundings, and undertook another experiment, called ” On accuracy in science to demonstrate that Rockstar’s work is much more than an open-world video game.

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