In Ploudalmézeau, the director of CPAM 29 sounds the alarm about the flu – Ploudalmézeau

In Ploudalmézeau, the director of CPAM 29 sounds the alarm about the flu – Ploudalmézeau

During a meeting with the professionals of the Bro Gwitalmézé health center on Tuesday at L’Arcadie, in Ploudalmézeau, the director of the primary health insurance fund (CPAM) of Finistère, Hugues Bardoux, accompanied by the Doctor Anne Guias, medical adviser, did not mask their concern about the drop in anti-influenza vaccination this year in Brittany.

39% compared to 57% in 2021

“The coming weeks will be crucial in order to increase the level of support for the vaccination campaign due to the arrival of the virus, a month earlier than in previous years”, Hugues Bardoux was alarmed. The flu vaccination rate is 39% in Brittany today, compared to 57% in 2021”. Present at the meeting, Doctor Sophie Fournière, general practitioner in Portsall, relayed this observation. “The flu is coming in force with many cases this week, among kindergarten children and young adolescents. We have already entered the epidemic phase,” she said.

Fragile people should get vaccinated

“Vaccination remains a very effective weapon against the flu, in addition to barrier gestures. It has not disappeared and the vaccine is above all risk-free, ”they hammered. The fragile people, who must be vaccinated, are those over 65, people suffering from respiratory, cardiac or renal insufficiency, obesity, diabetes and asthma. But also pregnant women, in whom the flu is the first cause of miscarriage, because of the high fever it causes.

Those present welcomed the organization of flu prevention workshops, organized by the health center.


Influenza awareness workshop, Tuesday, December 6, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Espace Kerjolys, in Ploudalmézeau. Free and open to all.

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