“Inform each person as well as possible of this fundamental issue”

“Inform each person as well as possible of this fundamental issue”

In order to best protect itself against Covid-19 at the start of autumn, Wallonia will officially start its new vaccination campaign on September 12.

In this regard, and following the positive opinion that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has just given concerning the possibility of vaccinating people with vaccines adapted to Omicron, Wallonia has just sent out its first letters of invitation to population. 170,000 letters are currently sent and nearly 340,000 will leave in total this week for people aged over 65 residing in Wallonia.

Each citizen concerned will thus be able to make an appointment, from the end of this week to receive the new vaccine adapted to Omicron, in one of the vaccination centers which will be deployed again on September 12 or with pharmacies and doctors. partner generalists.

All information on vaccination locations and making appointments is available via the website An AVIQ phone number will also be activated early next week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to answer people’s questions or help them make an appointment.

In order to raise awareness and inform the people targeted by this new campaign, namely immunocompromised people, those aged 65 and over, health professionals and the 50-64 age group, Wallonia has also just redeployed a vast communication.

TV and radio spots, animations on social networks, displays in public transport, public spaces, pharmacies, inserts in the general and specialized press, webinars, etc. are mobilized for about two months to inform everyone as well as possible of this fundamental public health issue.

As a reminder, this fall vaccination campaign will also be an opportunity to encourage anyone who does not yet have optimal vaccination protection to receive their first vaccination or their first booster.

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