iPhone 14 camera still not working in iOS 16

iPhone 14 camera still not working in iOS 16

Since the arrival of iOS 16 several users have noticed problems with their camera. The issue seemed to be software, and Apple patched the update weeks ago. While the biggest symptoms of this problem, like camera shake on iPhone 14 Pro, have stopped, the proposed solution is still flawed.

Many customers have reported on various forums that the iPhone 14 (but also 13 and 12 to a lesser extent) have problems rendering a sharp image. Some users complain that the camera is unusable with third-party apps, others have problems focusing objects close to their phone.

Apple is working on the issue

If all these problems are now studied by Apple, it will take days or even weeks before Apple offers a software fix. In the meantime, if you’re in one of those situations, here are some tricks you can try.

The first, but also the most universal way to fix a bug on iPhone and again to restart the phone. This solution has already worked wonders for many users, especially when using the “forced restart” function. A three-step manipulation that requires pressing the volume up, then down, then the side button.

A question of optimization

If you have a problem with a third-party application, several developers have advised to update it. The changes between iOS 15 and iOS 16 are big, and apps may no longer be optimized for Apple’s new OS. A simple update can sometimes work wonders.

With the iPhone 14 and iOS 16 Apple has changed the engagement distance of its “automatic macro” solution. With the increased size of the new sensors, the Cupertino company can afford it, but this detail has not always been taken into account by third-party applications, which results in a blurry result for the user.

The best solution therefore seems to be to check if your applications are up to date. If the last modification dates from before the launch of iOS 16 (end of September) you must wait for the next update and do it as soon as possible.

iPhone 14 camera still not working in iOS 16
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