Is it better to drink tea or coffee for your health?

Is it better to drink tea or coffee for your health?

Let’s first establish the common ground. Both coffee and tea contain caffeine. The word theine refers to caffeine from tea, but the two are actually from the same molecule. Both act on our level of alertness, reduce fatigue, and help improve memory.

In video, a study suggests that tea or coffee can reduce the risk of stroke:

A cup, whether it contains tea or coffee, is packed with antioxidants. These make it possible to prevent many diseases, and act against the aging of cells. In addition, studies prove that both drinks reduce cardiovascular risks. There is a lower risk of heart disease or stroke among tea and coffee drinkers.

tea relaxes

For the most stressed, a cup of tea can do the world of good. Studies have proven the relaxing effect of this drink, which helps to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

One of the benefits of tea over coffee is that it encourages the ability to concentrate without impacting sleep. Indeed, an excess of caffeine could explain the chain of bad nights. For example, for a cup of 25 cl there are 96 mg of caffeine for filter coffee, 47 mg for black tea, and 28 mg for green tea. In addition, the tannins contained in tea make it possible to assimilate the caffeine it contains more slowly. A cup of tea therefore has a stimulating effect, without going as far as the excitement that some people may feel when drinking coffee.

Coffee stimulates

Coffee is highly concentrated in polyphenols, which act as antioxidants in the body. If the tea also contains it, as we have already mentioned, the coffee is much richer. For 100 ml of black tea, there are 96 mg of polyphenols. This ratio is 115 mg for 115 ml of green tea, and 200 mg for 100 ml of coffee.

This drink, which some cannot do without, has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. Among them, the risk of developing cancer is 13% lower than those who do not drink it. In addition, studies have also shown that heavy coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The more cups you drink, the lower the risk. Four cups a day can reduce this risk by 25%. This is explained by the fact that coffee improves insulin sensitivity, which allows the body to assimilate the carbohydrates necessary for its functioning.

Which drink wins the match?

If the profits seem to tip the balance for coffee, you still have to be vigilant. These cups, which we delight in, still have an addictive side that tea does not have. Experts recommend limiting coffee consumption to four cups a day.

In video, drinking coffee could reduce the chances of dying young:

The benefits of these two drinks will be effective as long as each cup is unsweetened. Otherwise, you can end up with an excessive consumption of sugar.
Anyway, to choose the drink that will accompany your days, it is important to take into account your state of health (especially fatigue) and to listen to your desire of the moment.

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