is it good for well being?

is it good for well being?

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Based on a latest CREDOC examine, the French are more and more planting their weight-reduction plan. Lately, vegetable steaks have appeared on the cabinets of our supermarkets. Their composition varies: based mostly on soy, legumes and even cereals.

On the dietary aspect, they supply proteins, iron, and even for some polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Traits of vegetable steak

  • Wealthy in full proteins;
  • Wealthy in iron;
  • Ideally suited for vegetarian diets;
  • Supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Vegetable steak: its dietary and caloric values

Relying on the components of the steak (soya, wheat, legumes), the dietary values ​​shall be totally different. Certainly, vegetable steaks made with soy shall be richer in protein.

For 100?g of soy steak:


Common content material


Water (in g)


Protein (in g)


Carbohydrates (in g)


Lipids (in g)


MUFA (in g) 5.2
API (in grams) 4.6

Dietary fiber (in g)


Calcium (in mg)


Iron (in mg)


Zinc (in mg) 1.3

The advantages of vegetarian steak

Very often, vegetable steaks are made up of a number of components.

Good protein content material

Soy-based vegetable steaks are excessive in protein and full protein.

As a reminder, a protein is made up of subunits known as amino acids. The latter are 20 in quantity. Amongst these 20 amino acids, 9 are known as “important” as a result of they’re solely offered by meals. Certainly, our physique is unable to synthesize them.

These well-known important amino acids are all current in merchandise of animal origin, this isn’t the case for merchandise of vegetable origin. Cereals are poor in lysine and legumes are poor in methionine.

Soy and quinoa are exceptions, as they include all of the important amino acids.

Proteins are important for development, but additionally for the synthesis of enzymes, or protein hormones (insulin).

Plant-based steaks combining legumes and cereals make it doable to acquire a protein high quality equivalent to that of meat.

supply of iron

Iron is concerned within the synthesis of crimson blood cells. The iron contained in vegetation known as “non-heme iron” is much less properly absorbed than iron of animal origin “heme iron”.

To extend its absorption, the trick lies in combining these vegetation with components wealthy in vitamin C.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Some vegetable steaks include polyunsaturated fatty acids, the lipids being vegetable oils.

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are concerned within the prevention of cardiovascular illnesses and AMD (age-related muscle degeneration), they might even be concerned within the prevention of neurodegenerative illnesses.

A supply of calcium

Some vegetable steaks have attention-grabbing calcium ranges, particularly soy steaks.

As a reminder, calcium is a mineral concerned in bone and dental development, muscle contraction, conduction of nerve impulses. 99% of the calcium absorbed has a plastic position (development) and 1% catalytic (chemical reactions).

A phrase from the dietitian-nutritionist

Plant-based steaks present good high quality protein and iron. Nonetheless, you will need to word that fairly often these steaks are ultra-processed merchandise.

The newest research have demonstrated a correlation between the consumption of ultra-processed merchandise and the incidence of continual pathologies similar to:

  • diabetes ;
  • cardiovascular sicknesses.

You will want to learn the ingredient listing rigorously.

  • The rule of thumb: the longer the listing of components, the decrease the dietary high quality.
  • Desire do-it-yourself vegetable steaks.

Vegetable steaks have numerous compositions, you’ll simply discover them in supermarkets.

Vegetable Steak ID Card

  • Season: all yr;
  • Coloration: is determined by the components that compose it;
  • Taste: typically flavored.

Highest in protein

You will want to be vigilant with the listing of components with a view to select a steak wealthy in protein. Ideally, go for the soy steak or the steaks combining legumes and cereals.

Brief ingredient listing

For higher dietary high quality, desire steaks with a brief listing of components.

Seitan steak: the great different

Seitan (wheat) steaks might be another, the protein content material is respectable and they’re wealthy in group B nutritional vitamins.

Selfmade vegetable steaks

You may prepare dinner your do-it-yourself steaks from lentils, buckwheat, chickpeas, you should have the opportunity of incorporating mushrooms, seasonal greens, elevating them with fragrant herbs, spices. Selfmade preparations enable a wider alternative of components and keep away from the addition of components.

Retailer properly

Like all ultra-processed merchandise, plant-based steaks have an expiry date, so will probably be essential to preserve them within the fridge.

If you happen to’ve opted for do-it-yourself vegetable steaks, retailer them within the fridge for as much as 3 days.

With what to accompany a vegetable steak?

To accompany a salad

Vegetable steaks can accompany a inexperienced salad, greens, ratatouille.

For a veggie burger

You should have the chance “to make burgers, the steak shall be integrated into burger bread, add inexperienced salad, sliced ​​crimson onions, cheese, tomato sauce.

Vegan steak fries

Like the meat steak, the vegetable steak might be served with fries.

Contraindications and allergic reactions to vegetable steak

Some plant-based steaks constituted of wheat include gluten, so they don’t seem to be beneficial for individuals with celiac illness or with gluten intolerance.

Historical past and anecdotes


On June 30, 2022, a decree revealed within the official journal prohibits the names of steaks, sausages, bacon with vegetable merchandise. On the finish of July, suppression by the Council of State of the implementation of the decree.

Vegetable steaks can preserve the title steak.

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