Is Stéphane favored by the production of the show?

Is Stéphane favored by the production of the show?

This is at least what emerges from the opinion of many viewers and Internet users who do not hesitate to give their opinion, with supporting evidence.

Focus on the course of the show

To fully understand what is alleged against the production of the show, it is important to review the course of the 12 strokes of noon.

The daily is divided into four stages:

  • Kick off
  • blow by blow
  • The fatal blow
  • The master stroke

The 2 points that make Internet users wonder

The questions asked to the teacher deemed too simple and oriented

Throughout the show, questions are posed to the contestants. Viewers and Internet users find that the questions asked of Stéphane, the current champion, are very simple.

Some even go so far as to say that the level of the questions asked are not up to a general knowledge game, as they are sometimes easy.

Other points apart from the level of difficulty of the questions: the choice of questions. What is criticized here by the spectators is the fact that Stéphane seems to have preferences for certain subjects and that questions around his favorite subjects come up regularly, thus favoring him in the eyes of Internet users.

The length of the questions that is debated

What is causing debate among Internet users is the difference in length of the questions asked of the two remaining candidates at the time of the 3th round (the fatal blow).

On this occasion, Jean-Luc Reichmann asks questions in turn to the two candidates still in the running (one of the current candidates is Stéphane, the midday master).

Viewers and Internet users find that the questions asked of Stéphane are often shorter than the questions asked of his competitors.

As it is a timed part where it is a question of answering as quickly as possible, if the length of the questions is different from one candidate to another, then one can estimate that one is clearly advantaged.

Does the production really have an interest in keeping the midday master in place?

Audiences are often stronger when a candidate remains master of noon for a long time. Indeed, when a midday master has been on the show for several weeks, we want to know how far he will be able to go. Viewers want to be present in front of their TV to watch the show where everything will change for the champion and know the person who managed to dethrone him.

But are the good audiences due to the maintenance of the midday master sufficient to justify the accusations of cheating which weigh on the production of the show? These accusations are serious and if we look back, identical suspicions come up almost systematically when a midday master stays on the show for a long time. We can therefore reasonably think that these are only suspicions and not a real desire on the part of the production to harm certain candidates.

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