“Is there already a problem?”: the sensational arrival of Véronique Genest, new recruit of TPMP, against Mathieu Delormeau

“Is there already a problem?”: the sensational arrival of Véronique Genest, new recruit of TPMP, against Mathieu Delormeau

The disagreement between Véronique Genest and Mathieu Delormeau is not new. The actress with remarks often considered controversial has indeed already been the target of criticism from the host. She has even already been questioned on set to explain some of her positions, in particular on her alleged Islamophobia.

It is therefore not without surprise that the public discovered on Monday that Véronique Genest had joined the TPMP team. Sitting alongside Mathieu Delormeau, the first seconds of the new columnist were not easy. Neither for her nor for her now colleague, in whom we felt a certain annoyance.

To relax the two concerned and “burst the abscess”Cyril Hanouna quickly asked them to make “a kiss”: in request which was deliberately not executed for one or the other. “Is there already a problem, chief?”even asked one of the other columnists.

The time quickly came to settling scores. “I have nothing against Mathieu”specified the interpreter of Julie Lescaut. “Oh yes, a little bit anyway, in the press it’s ‘I can’t sack this gay man, he’s Hanouna’s puppet'”, reminds, irritated, the presenter.

Words that Véronique Genest totally denies having had: “I never said that”she defended herself. “Oh it’s another journalist who wrote badly!”ironically Mathieu Delormeau who then insisted that Véronique Genest address him as you.

“I don’t hate anyone”, but…

“I do have a problem with you, uh with you because I don’t necessarily find you very bright”outbid the actress.

The presenter who did not even deign to look at his neighbor was again stung by it. “I don’t hate anyone (…) I did his show, I was invited and it was still a rotten thing, the subject he had made was dependent, it was completely false and completely stupid.” These words made Mathieu Delormeau get up to change places and find himself on the other side of the set…

“There will be a good atmosphere”as Cyril Hanouna pointed out…

A second recruit

For this new return to TPMP, a second recruit is on the call: it is Amel, mother of a teenager educated in a dilapidated establishment and for whom Cyril Hanouna had worked at the time. Amel is now part of the team and stands out for her story but also the veil she wears. A second recruit who surprises against the first. “He is looking for the clash sequence from the start of the year”, remarked a user. Everything went well on set for this premiere. As a reminder, Amel is completely within her rights and legal vis-à-vis the wearing of this veil.

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