“It was as if I had passed my body to the Karcher”

“It was as if I had passed my body to the Karcher”


  • According to several studies, intermittent fasting improves markers of metabolic syndrome: reduction in visceral adipose tissue, lower blood pressure, and increased insulin sensitivity. They can be observed even in the absence of overweight.
  • Intermittent fasting is contraindicated for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with a BMI of less than 18 or a history of eating disorders, the elderly, and those being treated for diabetes.

Suffering regularly from the liver since her adolescence, Emmanuelle Jung made a good resolution in January 2020 to adopt intermittent fasting 16/8, hoping to relieve it. This diet, popularized by many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Adele, consists of eating for an 8-hour window and not swallowing anything solid for the remaining 16 hours.

The young woman, author of the book “Intermittent Fasting: One Year Later” (Alpen editions), the practice 4 evenings a week on average. “On intermittent fasting days, I forego dinner, so no snacks between afternoon tea (4 p.m.) and breakfast the next day (9 a.m.)”she explains.

Intermittent fasting: “for the first time, I no longer had liver problems”

“I chose this type of fast because it is rather simple to carry out. Indeed, over the 16 hours, there is a large part of the time when I sleep, so I do not have time to feel hungry. long time”she details.

Moreover, according to many doctors, there would be more health benefits to giving up dinner. Not eating in the evening would, among other things, improve sleep, lose weight faster, but also give the liver more time to regenerate.

It is besides on the side of this problematic organ for her that Emmanuelle observed the first benefits of this mode of food. “For the first time, I no longer suffered from liver and digestive disorders. From the third week (and maybe even before), I felt these effects. I felt like all the excess of the last years had disappeared from my body. It was as if I had passed my body to the Karcher”.

The bloating and the pains were not the only ones to disappear, the extra kilos also (-3 kg after 4 weeks) as well as the bad nights and the skin problems.

“By fasting regularly, I can treat myself to hearty dinners from time to time”

Three years after this convincing start, the results of intermittent fasting are still positive for Emmanuelle.“What may seem “magical” is that I continue to observe the benefits that I discovered when I started. My digestive problems are now a thing of the past, I have a newborn’s sleep and particularly restorative (I sleep on average 9 hours per night)”she explains.

And in the long term, she noticed that this lifestyle also had positive effects on her form: “even in winter, I don’t feel tired, I have an energy that is constant, whether in my work or in my personal life”.

It also helps him better regulate his weight. “By fasting regularly, I can still treat myself to hearty dinners from time to time. During my holidays, I also give up intermittent fasting… without ever gaining weight”.

It’s all its effects, but especially the effect on my digestion that makes me want to continue fasting. When we have suffered from “liver attacks” as I did, we have no trouble motivating ourselves. For nothing in the world, I would not want to undergo these pains agains”, emphasizes Emmanuelle.

Pay attention to weight stabilization

Emmanuelle encountered some difficulties in stabilizing her weight… The young woman continued to lose weight with the adopted fast. This could become problematic in the long term.

Admittedly, I’m careful not to gain weight, but above all, I make sure I don’t go any lower. Today, I oscillate between 48 and 50 kg for 1.64 m. I am aware that I can no longer afford to lose any more weight, otherwise I risk having a BMI that is too low, which can become risky for my health. It’s the only thing I have to “pay attention” to today“.

Her three tips for successful intermittent fasting

  1. First tip : “Do it for you! Not to please a spouse, to follow a girlfriend, or because you are told that you “need to lose weight”. Weight loss is just one of many effects and it can vary from person to person”.
  2. Second tip : “Don’t conduct intermittent fasting too strictly. If you want the magic of fasting to work, you have to feel good about yourself. And this will not be the case if you no longer allow yourself any dinners or any outings. It’s essential if you want to hold out over time!”.
  3. Third tip : “Ask your doctor or a nutritionist for advice before you start, and especially if you have a medical history. There may be some contraindications that may require more guidance to conduct the fast safely”.

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