“It’s heavy”: the surprise of Belgian rapper Damso in the middle of an interview with RTL INFO

“It’s heavy”: the surprise of Belgian rapper Damso in the middle of an interview with RTL INFO

The Belgian rapper was in concert this Saturday and Sunday in Brussels. The perfect opportunity to receive a triple platinum disc. His reaction live at the microphone of RTL info.

60,000 copies sold in Belgium. Such is the performance of Damso’s fourth album, QALF. The interpreter of Macarena receives the award in the middle of an interview. A little embarrassed, he let go anyway “It’s heavy“. The Belgian admits that he will not fail to celebrate this performance: “I don’t like to see my reaction live, I’m a little off, but I think I’ll celebrate afterwards.”

The rapper can saber the Champagne, if he had already done this feat in France, it is the first time that he is triple platinum on his land. “It’s a beautiful story, from Central Station, to the street, to triple platinum discs and beautiful rooms filled like that, God is great“, he comments.

Special dates

Fatigue is sometimes mental, but it’s a great tour, I’m pleasantly surprised to see all that. ” The Brussels resident talks about his tour and admits that last December 10 and 11 are special dates. “Yesterday there was my whole family, today again. Belgium is always different, it’s home, it feels good“It makes him and his fans feel good. The”best belgian rapper“, according to a spectator present on the spot, lifted the crowds. Several young people arrived in the morning to hope for a place closer to the stage.

The future ? “It’s even

In the middle of the tour, Damso does not prefer to go too fast. “The present interests me, the future not. I often dreamed and finally, the best things happen when I don’t expect them.” So no big statement regarding the sequel. In the near future, we know that QALF will resound in French and Canadian cinemas.

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