lamb of god, gender mix

lamb of god, gender mix

Once is not custom, here is a game in which you play a cute little lamb. But from the first minutes of the game, you will die. An executioner is ready to sacrifice you in front of 4 terrifying monsters. According to them, killing you would prevent a prophecy from coming true.

But once dead, a strange chained deity, He Who Waits, offers to resuscitate you and offer you his powers to help him free himself. For this, you, little lamb, will have to create a cult to his glory, recruit little animals for your religion/sect and eliminate the 4 frightening creatures who wanted to kill you…

This completely crazy pitch is that of Cult of the Lamb, a rather sympathetically animated 2D game designed by the independent studio Massive Monster. It is not only by its atypical story that it stands out but also because it mixes several popular genres.

To find new followers, find resources for your cult and ultimately eliminate your four enemies, you will have to go through dungeons. This is the “roguelite” part of the game since each level is made up of several randomly generated rooms that are filled. Each time, you will be given a random weapon and spell.

A unique game

The other part is to develop the camp of your religion like in a management game. You then have to build buildings, decoration, but also feed your members, clean up their waste, offer them beds and ensure their well-being, but above all their faith in you, their leader! To do this, you have a whole bunch of slightly extreme options: sacrifices, imprisonment, big bonfires… Indeed, the ambient cuteness of the game is there to counterbalance its gory side and all the horrors you can inflict on your faithful.

It’s the mixture of genres and this wacky universe, very critical of religions, that make all the salt of the game. The fights themselves are quite repetitive and not very complex, even sometimes downright nags. In addition, the lifespan of the game is rather short and does not particularly make you want to start over. That said, don’t let these slight flaws discourage you from discovering what is sure to remain one of the most unique games of the year.

Cult of the Lamb is available on PS4/PS5, Xbox S/X, Switch, PC

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