Lord – CES 2023: NVidia sets out to conquer the automotive market

Lord – CES 2023: NVidia sets out to conquer the automotive market

The 2023 edition of the CES show in Las Vegas is coming to an end. The last day of the show was an opportunity for NVidia to make some big announcements. New and ever more powerful chips have of course taken up most of the program. This year, they shared the spotlight with a new concept, that of gaming in cars, a segment that the American firm intends to fully exploit in the months and years to come.

Collaborations with several car manufacturers

At NVidia, the objective is clear: to bring video games to modern cars. The idea stands. Modern cars do carry multimedia devices powerful enough to play video games. Screens and computers are omnipresent in their cabins. The American company has the technology to allow its devices to run video games. Even more, the GeForce Now platform readily adapts to the concept thanks to its Cloud Gaming concept which makes video games accessible on any PC.

More concretely, Nvidia wants to offer parts of video games permanently from the consoles placed at the back. At the front, the driver can play his favorite games on the Cloud when the car is stationary or charging. Access to GeForce Now will not be very demanding. It would be enough to bring an Internet connection in the car via a smartphone and you’ll be done. NVidia relies on simplicity in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

Of course, the implementation of this project involves direct collaboration with car manufacturers. NVidia took advantage of CES 2023 in Las Vegas to announce the names of its new partners. These are Polestar, BYD and Hyundai Motor Group. The latter is the most important since it includes particularly popular South Korean brands such as Hyundai, Kia and Genesis. Select models from these automakers should provide access to GeForce Now’s extensive catalog. There will be enough to entertain passengers during long journeys and turn your car into a small video game room. However, the launch dates have not yet been revealed. It will take several months or even several years. The future will tell.

A market already dominated by Tesla

As a reminder, NVidia is not the very first to enter the automotive video game market. In 2021, Elon Musk had already teased the arrival of a 10 teraflops PC capable of running The Witcher on the Tesla Model S. Since then, users have been entitled to a nice catalog of video games in the cabin of their Tesla . Newer models even allow direct linking of a Steam account to the car.

NVidia will therefore have the heavy task of competing with Tesla, whose sales have skyrocketed in 2022. The American firm will also have to face competition from other gaming players. Be that as it may, the video game industry and the automotive industry are well on their way to a romance that will last a long time. To be continued!!!

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