Lord – CES 2023: two 18-inch monster PCs from Razer

Lord – CES 2023: two 18-inch monster PCs from Razer

Like every year, manufacturers are scrambling to announce their new products during the famous CES 2023 show. At Razer, we bet big in every sense of the word. The famous gaming-oriented PC brand has just presented two new models, one of which is equipped with a large 18-inch screen. The two monsters promise astounding performance to meet the needs of the most demanding players.

16 and 18 inch laptops

Razer Blade’s line of gaming laptops is pretty well stocked. There are models like the Razer Blade 14 in the 14-inch segment and other PCs in the 15-inch and 17-inch segments. Despite an interesting catalog, Razer has always lacked 16- and 18-inch laptops. The manufacturer intends to rectify the shooting in the months to come. It has just presented during the current CES 2023 two PC gamers equipped with screens presenting these diameters mentioned.

The choice is not trivial. The 16-inch model will make an excellent alternative for those who wish to enjoy a rather large display without having to submit to the high prices of the Razer 17s. The second model, a real juggernaut with its imposing 18-inch panel, will allow gamers to take advantage of a most comfortable display while benefiting from the mobility of a portable PC. Moreover, this optimal display is better suited to the monster powers announced by Razer on these next two machines.

Very high-end components

The firm will not do half measures, these two new Razer PC gamers will ship the latest and most powerful components on the market. We are obviously talking about the famous Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, a worthy successor to the RTX 3090 released last year. The processor is no exception. Razer announces the choice of latest generation Intel Core i9 HX chips. The precise model has not yet been officially released.

It seems obvious, however, that these gaming PCs will be equipped with the Intel Core i9-13980HX which is presented as THE most powerful portable processor of the moment. This reaches 5.6 GHz frequency according to its manufacturer. Performance will be there. Razer aims high and intends to meet the most demanding needs. Running a triple-A game won’t be a problem, no matter how greedy.

Very high prices

But beware ! This choice of premium, state-of-the-art components added to large displays will have a significant impact on price. Both will be reserved for players willing to shell out large sums and there are many of them. Exact pricing and detailed configurations will be revealed in the coming months. What is certain is that Razer has managed to attract the attention of the entire gaming community with its two power monsters. Also note that the manufacturer has already presented its very first portable console, which we present to you in detail here.

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