Luc Trullemans announces the first snowfalls

Luc Trullemans announces the first snowfalls

Colder continental air masses are sliding towards our regions from eastern Europe.

They are carried by an easterly wind which has organized itself to the south of a vast anticyclone which extends from the Urals to England via Scandinavia.

As the humidity is still very high there, we will still have to deal with a lot of low clouds sometimes distilling a little drizzle or a few small flakes of melting snow on the Hautes Fagnes plateau.

December 1

To see apparitions of the sun, you will have to go to West Flanders and Gaume.

The highs will still be in season with 7 to 9º under the sunny spells in the west of the country, 5 to 7º under the gray in the rest of the country and only 2 to 5º in the Ardennes.

Fridaywe will lose another 2 to 3º and it will freeze slightly in the high Ardennes where the low stratus will already cause frost deposits in nature.

For the rest, the weather will remain gray in all regions in a very cool atmosphere with daytime temperatures not exceeding 0 or -1º in the Hautes Fagnes, 3 or 4º in the plains and perhaps another 5 to 6º on the coast side where the northeast wind will be quite unpleasant with peaks of 40 km/h.

December 2

In the evening and the following night it will snow somewhat in the eastern provinces of the country with temperatures between 0 and -2º which will cause a small dusting of the ground and some slippery roads. In other regions, the minimums will be between 0 and 3º and it will generally be dry.

Saturdaythe easterly wind will remain unpleasant and will continue to bring us even colder air under a sky that remains very gray and from time to time still a few small snowfalls, especially in the north of the country.

December 3

The maximum will show in the afternoon barely +1 to -2º on the Ardennes relief and 1 to 4º in the other regions.

Sundaythe day will start under a gray sky which will become rather variable with sunny spells.

With the exception of the coastal strip where in the morning we will note about 1 or 2º, it will freeze everywhere with temperatures between -1 and -5º in the Ardennes and between 0 and -2º in the plain.

December 4

Some snowfall will still be possible, especially in the first part of the day.

During the day, the sky will remain very changeable with appearances of the sun and even sunnier periods in the south-east of the country, but the east to north-east wind will further increase the impression of cold with peaks of 30 to 50 km. /h.

Monday and Tuesdaylow pressure activity will increase more and more over the Iberian Peninsula and in the Bay of Biscay which will bring milder air to the south and west of France.

December 5

Our regions will still remain in the cold air with night and morning temperatures between -3 and +4º depending on the region and daytime highs between 0 and 6º depending on the altitude.

The continental air, which has become drier, will guarantee us brighter weather with beautiful sunny periods.

December 6

Evolution for the rest of next week

The forecast models are still undecided but the European model predicts the passage of a depression over northern France and our regions, which would lead to very poor weather here with first rain, sometimes heavy and temperatures rising between 4 and 9º.

Then when the low pressure center will have passed over Alsace, the air will become cooler or even quite cold with daytime temperatures between 1 and 7º and nighttime minimums of +3º at sea to -2º depending on altitude.

The northeast wind should also blow in gusts of 50 to 70 km/h and with these temperatures the precipitation will generally be rain or melting snow in the plains but it should snow quite a bit of course on the Ardennes relief (to be confirmed!)

Probable trend for the period from December 10 to 14

After a lull, the risk of rain or melting snow is expected to increase again after December 11 and snowfall is expected to continue in the upper Ardennes.

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