Luminus announces the prices of its new fixed contracts, Test-Achats warns

Luminus announces the prices of its new fixed contracts, Test-Achats warns

Three months after abandoning the fixed contracts, the energy supplier Luminus decided to return them from January 2, the market having stabilized sufficiently. However, Test-Achats warns.

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VSn Monday, January 2, Luminus communicated the prices of a fixed contract three months after the abandonment by the supplier of this type of contract.

The Comfy contract, for a family of four who heat themselves with gas and live in a terraced house, would amount to 301.49 euros per month, according to Sudinfowhich would therefore amount to 3,600 euros per year. This rate is 30 euros more expensive than the Comfyflex rate, the same contract, but variable. For a similar family, this would amount to 272.16 euros. “A fixed rate provides peace of mind. On the other hand, it is logical that a contract of indefinite duration is more expensive than a variable contract ”, explained the spokesman of Luminus, Nico De Bie, to our colleagues from the Log.


Is the fixed contract offered by Luminus really interesting? This will of course depend on the evolution of the energy markets in the weeks and months to come. “If prices were to fall sharply in the coming months, a fixed contract could (however) prove to be costly,” warned Leen Vandezande, spokesperson for the Flemish electricity and gas market regulator (Vreg).

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Test-Achats also recently reacted to this announcement on Monday. If the consumer association welcomes the return of fixed contracts, it warns Belgians who would be tempted to take up such a contract. “Given the current context of falling energy prices, we do not recommend rushing into fixed Luminus contracts,” says Test-Achats. The consumer organization advises to be patient and wait until the rate cards of other providers are also published.

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