Magnesium remedy: advantages, technique, time of motion

Magnesium remedy: advantages, technique, time of motion

Fatigue, unhealthy sleep, stress… It might be time to take a magnesium remedy! How ? How lengthy to see its results? What unwanted side effects to forestall? Sensible recommendation for doing a magnesium remedy in one of the best circumstances.

Magnesium is crucial for the right functioning of the physique. It’s concerned in over 300 processes, starting from the traditional functioning of the nervous system and muscle tissues, to bone development, emotional steadiness and fatigue discount. Extra “them reservations in magnesium from the physique are weak and stress can devour as much as 50% of its reserves ” warns Angélina Jeandel, naturopath, resulting in magnesium deficiencies in a big a part of the inhabitants. The primary signs of inadequate magnesium consumption are fatigue, lack of urge for food, nausea, vomiting. If the deficiency progresses, different signs might seem: numbness, cramps muscle tissues, tremors or irregular heartbeat. The magnesium remedy is a rise in magnesium consumption by means of meals dietary supplements, water (wealthy in magnesium) or particular meals (seaweed, entire grains, oilseeds, and many others.) over a decided interval. Obtainable in capsules, tablets or sachets, this mineral helps to regain power, high quality sleep, and higher resistance to emphasize. It may well additionally play a task in tooth well beingand the prevention of osteoporosis by serving to calcium to bind to the bones.

Past the correction of deficiencies, a magnesium remedy is advisable to: forestall cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, kidney stones and sort 2 diabetes, prostate issues, glaucoma, gingival issues, relieve signs of premenstrual syndrome, menstrual ache, and migraine. Additionally it is advisable to enhance endurance, efficiency in athletes, and bronchial asthma. Additionally it is helpful for treating muscle cramps and constipation, lowering fatigue, stress, anxiousness, insomnia. But in addition, enhance sure types of listening to loss.

The advisable each day allowance in magnesium fluctuate in accordance with intercourse, age and way of life. If they’re from 420 mg per day for a person and 360 mg per for a girlthey’re greater amongst pregnant girls400 mg, primarily through the third trimester of being pregnant, and nursing moms, the aged, these on a weight-reduction plan, sportysweating inflicting mineral loss, and people taking drugs akin to laxatives or diuretics. In precept, magnesium consumption is adequate if the weight-reduction plan is balanced. However within the occasion of a deficit, threat elements (insulin resistance, sort 2 diabetes, historical past of lack of magnesium, and many others.) or premenstrual syndrome, it’s advisable to take 300 mg per day with meals.

Magnesium might be prescribed by a physician, and provides rise to partial protection. That is the case of magnesium-based medication, offered in pharmacies (akin to MagneB6®). Meals dietary supplements or pharmaceutical compositions of hint parts (oligotherapy), akin to drinkable options and capsules of magnesium glycerophosphate, might be prescribed, however stay over-the-counter and are usually not lined.

In a protracted interval of stress (examination…), the remedy might be adopted for 1 to three months.

To fill a niche1 to 2 months of therapy are sufficient on the most dose of 320 mg / day.

To keep away from irritating the gut, it exists “a brand new technology of capsule with liposomal magnesium: the lively elements are micro-encapsulated with the intention to cross by means of the gastric and intestinal surroundings with out interacting with the intestinal mucosa after which be absorbed into the blood system“. The laxative impact magnesium is thus average.

You may also use magnesium after a annoying day, or over-active, to decrease adrenaline, and take 300 mg unexpectedly for a quick, muscle-relaxing impact ” emphasizes Philippe Bruneau, skilled in meals dietary supplements.

The remedy of 1 month to three months might be repeated a number of occasions a 12 months relying on the wants.

“The consequences of taking magnesium, from 300 mg, are instant” signifies the skilled. To fill a deficiency, it’s essential to comply with the supplementation over one or two months.

In delicate folks, taking magnesium could cause digestive problemsbelly ache and diarrhea. However, “the brand new technology of liposomal meals dietary supplements (the lively elements are micro-encapsulated in a fatty acid membrane) makes it potential to keep away from these unwanted side effects “feedback Philippe Bruneau. “Magnesium passes by means of the gastric and intestinal surroundings with out interacting with the intestinal mucosa, and is launched into the bloodstream with out inflicting any unwanted side effects.

The magnesium remedy will not be advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding girlsand to youngsters underneath 12 with out the recommendation of a healthcare skilled. folks affected byrenal failure ought to keep away from magnesium-rich dietary supplements. As well as, magnesium shouldn’t be taken concurrently sure medication towards osteoporosis, or antibiotics of the household of cyclins and quinolones. The recommendation of a physician or pharmacist is at all times required.

Magnesium is offered in supermarkets, pharmacies and parapharmacies, in two varieties: the basic, usually mixed with vitamin B6 to enhance its absorption by the physique, and taurine which “is a cysteine ​​spinoff and acts as a magnesium “sparer” “, specifies the naturopath. The second kind is Marine : “a mix of assorted salts, not at all times nicely absorbed “ warns the skilled.

The laxative impact of magnesium might be averted by taking lower than 350 mg at a time, with a meal, or by selecting a liposome formulation. An excessive amount of tea and occasional consumption could cause elevated elimination of magnesium.

Because of Angélina Jeandel, naturopath in Fontenay-aux-Roses, and to Philippe Bruneau, skilled in meals dietary supplements and founding father of Biocyte.

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