Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman 3… James Gunn has already planned (very) big changes for DC

Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman 3… James Gunn has already planned (very) big changes for DC

Recently promoted to general managers of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran have already started some big changes for the DCU.

After years of cinematic wandering and caustic headlines to say the least, could it be that the DCU (formerly DCEU) and by extension, Warner Bros. finally on the right track? If nothing is guaranteed yet, it would still seem that the recent promotion of James Gunn and Peter Safran at the head of DC Studios finally provided the franchise with guidance (and common sense) which it lacked until now.

Indeed, whether it was Ezra Miller’s countless antics that almost forced Warner to cancel the film the flashcancellation at short notice bat girl who confirmed the huge mess within DC, the endless argument around the Snyderverse or even the umpteenth postponements ofAquaman and the Lost Kingdom and of Shazam! Fury of the gods (now scheduled for 2023), as much to say that the main competitor of the MCU no longer presented itself in its best light for a long time.

The DC site therefore has new work plans, and the filmmaker behind Guardians of the Galaxy is the main architect. Last November, James Gunn promised fans “the biggest story ever”. While the exact ins and outs of these future changes still remain under wraps, a few details nevertheless managed to leak out of the Batcave.

According to information relayed by The Hollywood Reporterthe production of wonder woman 3 would have been suspended. Warner having already shown a penchant for nipping future projects in the bud, this plausible cancellation could give cause for concern. However, the shelving of the trilogy carried by Gal Gadot could above all serve as the final conclusion to the infamous Snyderversethus allowing Gunn and Safran to wipe the slate clean to better start from scratch.

Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman 3… James Gunn has already planned (very) big changes for DCRun Gal, run!

Alongside that, the recent reintroduction of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the post-credits scene of black adam (which may well not get a sequel either given its box office performance) replaced man of steel 2 at the center of public concern. Andy Muschietti, whose management of the flash had been entrusted in 2019, had also said that he was very interested in the project. But surprised, this highly anticipated sequel also seems doomed to remain a dead letter.

As for Jason Momoa, who initially lent his features to Aquaman, this one could well return Arthur Curry’s trident after Aquaman 2 (scheduled for December 20, 2023 in French theaters) to trade him the cigar of the alien mercenary Lobo. This drastic change would simultaneously position Momoa as a Superman antagonist, and James Wan’s film as the latest iteration of the pre-James Gunn/Peter Safran scheme. Enough to guarantee a total eradication of the legacy of Zack Snyder within DC.

Justice League: photo, Henry Cavilljames gunn

Thereby, the only projects not to be threatened by the duo would be those relating to the Batman by Matt Reeveseither, the sequel to the first part worn by Robert Pattinson as well as the spin-off series centered around Colin Farrell’s Penguin. It will now be a question of taking your troubles patiently before knowing more about what the future of DC has in store for spectators. And with a bit of luck, it will be a pleasant surprise.

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