Marc Dutroux answered our questions

Marc Dutroux answered our questions

For the very first time, the Marcinelle monster agreed to answer questions from the media, through his lawyer. “I don’t care about videos on TikTok!”

Journalist at the General Editor

After the images on TikTok where we feel all the hatred of the other prisoners, Marc Dutroux agreed to answer, for the very first time, questions that we sent to him in prison. His lawyer played the middleman. For those who haven’t seen them yet, the TikTok images released this weekend show Marc Dutroux walking like a caged lion, alone, in the courtyard of the Nivelles prison. He is stabbed with projectiles and insulted by the inmates who watch him through the open windows of their cell. Apart from an arm of honor, Dutroux seems to make fun of it royally.


Several questions arise. How does he manage to resist such a climate? How does he not go crazy after 26 years of isolation? Is he living hell in prison? Etc. We sent a series of questions to his lawyer Bruno Dayez. As he was to see him in prison this Wednesday evening, he offered to question him about his reactions, “in order to answer without betraying the person concerned”. And that’s what was done.

Here is what Me Dayez was able to tell us about it this Thursday morning. “On the fact that we filmed him without his knowledge and that he ends up on TikTok, Marc Dutroux is not affected. He had this sentence: these images on TikTok, I don’t care! But he didn’t even see them. We described them to him” (see also below).

He cites the names of sponsors

How does Marc Dutroux cope with this deleterious climate and his isolation? “He made a reason for his isolation. His morale is only held up by the fact that he is convinced that the real sponsors of his affair will one day be prosecuted and punished. He also names the sponsors, but the evidence is very difficult, so very slow to gather. It’s like a 1,000 piece puzzle. As a responsible lawyer, I cannot throw these names out.

How does he not become mad or even desperate? “He was not crazy and still is not, the three psychiatrists who examined him when he applied for parole are unanimous on this subject. Marc Dutroux therefore does not suffer from any mental illness. To your question, he answers: “I have never attempted suicide”. I believe that my client presents the characteristics of a person who lives locked up. He is obsessive, he turns with fixed ideas in mind, with a recurring discourse. He is obsessed with the facts of his case, which he denies having committed. “I never set foot in Grace-Hollogne”, “I did not murder An and Eefje”, “I am not a pedophile”. Bruno Dayez insists: he does not intend to exculpate his client by relaying his remarks. Dutroux was indeed convicted of rape of a minor and murder. “He knows that he is jointly responsible for the deaths of Julie, Mélissa, An and Eefje. But he clings to the fact that in his mind, he is not the immediate author”.

For several years, Dutroux’s lawyer has been trying to get his client out of his isolation regime. But isn’t that putting him in danger, when we see the videos on TikTok… “I wouldn’t give much of his skin if we let the other prisoners approach him”, confided to us an internal source at the prison of Levels. “I believe that the detainees who shot these images made it scream, to make money,” said Me Dayez. “Marc Dutroux himself tells us that it doesn’t always happen that way. He says there are no precedents or new developments since then. In any case, it is unfortunate that the FPS Justice considers that if we take him out of his isolation regime, he is in danger and puts the security of the prison at risk. For me, it’s an admission of powerlessness: the prison does not know how to guarantee the security of the prison other than by putting him away! It is abnormal that this isolation regime, supposed to last 2 months, has been prolonged for 26 years! I’m not saying we have to get him out of isolation overnight. You have to go there in stages. You need adequate safeguards, but you have to allow him to live with the other prisoners.”

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