Mechanics of epidemics, season 6: smallpox: a podcast to take heed to on-line

Mechanics of epidemics, season 6: smallpox: a podcast to take heed to on-line

For virtually 40 years, smallpox has been eradicated from the face of the earth. Moreover known as “smallpox”, it has been a mortal enemy for a whole lot of years. In 4 episodes, epidemiologist and professor Renaud Piarroux takes you to the origin of this scourge, which has depopulated continents.

It is known as “smallpox” or the “pink lack of life”, it has been wreaking havoc since Antiquity. And as soon as we had been lucky adequate to survive it, we acquired right here out of it blind, or disfigured. Smallpox is that this mortal enemy of humanity which moreover made attainable, virtually 100 years sooner than Pasteur, the invention of the principle of vaccination.

It is nonetheless this related sickness which is on the origin of certainly one of many greatest successes of latest treatment, since smallpox has been eradicated from the ground of the Earth as a result of an daring and intelligent worldwide protection, carried out over 40 years.

Doctor Renaud Piarroux, head of the parasitology division at Pitié-Salpêtrièreas he did for


with AIDS The place

influenzaguides you on this epidemiological investigation on the traces of this scourge, from its origin to at current, and which has depopulated continents: smallpox.

An genuine podcast in 4 15-minute episodes, knowledgeable by epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux, produced by Yvon Croizier.

Program advisor: Camille Renard, with the collaboration of Pascaline Bonnet.
INA documentalist: Juliette Cuif. Sound recording: Eric Boisset. Due to Martine Piarroux.

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