Meningococcus B: a sixth case detected in Strasbourg –

Meningococcus B: a sixth case detected in Strasbourg –

An increase in meningococcal B cases is currently observed in Strasbourg. The ARS du Grand Est has called for vaccination against this disease.

One dead since mid-November

After an invasive infection with group B meningococcus (IIMB), a 16-year-old boy living in the Lower Rhine had to be hospitalized, reports 20 minutes. In a statement on Monday, January 9, the local Regional Health Agency (ARS) said that this is the sixth case, linked to this strain “rare and hitherto unknown in the Grand Est“. The agency mentioned an epidemic in the agglomeration of Strasbourg.
The investigations made it possible to identify and treat as a preventive measure with antibiotics the people who had been in contact at risk with this sixth case.“, she detailed. A person lost their life because of this bacterium, reported since mid-November.

Symptoms to watch out for

Faced with this health situation, it is recommended to monitor the symptoms suggestive of group B meningococcus such as severe headaches, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, body aches and fatigue. The presence of fever, red or purplish subcutaneous spots on the body, very significant pain in the stomach and nausea can also indicate this disease.
According to the health agency, a person can be a healthy carrier of the meningococcus B without showing symptoms, but can continue to transmit the disease.

Call for meningococcal B vaccination

A vaccination campaign has been launched since the beginning of December. As of January 5, 2023, 151 people have received a first dose against meningococcus B via the international vaccination center of the new civil hospital in Strasbourg. Thus, the ARS of Great East and Public Health France have launched an appeal for vaccination, in particular to “public frequenting nightlife venues in the city center and professionals in these venues“. As a reminder, this vaccine is covered.

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