Metaverse Fashion Week returns in Spring 2023 and showcases advances in digital fashion and interoperability

Metaverse Fashion Week returns in Spring 2023 and showcases advances in digital fashion and interoperability

The Web3 revolution continues next year with the annual discovery of what fashion will look like in virtual worlds, with the participation of the first fashion week recognized by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) during the MVFW

NEW YORK, 08 Dec. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentralizedlargest user-owned and operated virtual social world on the planet, today announced the return of Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) which will run from March 28 to 31 2023concluding the spring/summer fashion season on the virtual catwalks. Launched by Decentralized and UNXDa leading immersive art and culture platform, in collaboration with metaverses Spatial and MOREMVFW23 invites the global community to experience the latest advancements in metaverse interoperability and digital mode.

During the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 held earlier this year, Decentraland welcomed over 108,000 people to experience the booming world of wearables and digital fashion at the biggest digital fashion event of the year. Iconic luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Selfridges, Guo Pei, Paco Rabanne and dozens of others have graced the metaverse with their historic style and tech visions of what digital fashion looks like, and insight how quickly this new sector of the economy will evolve. Traditional fashion houses and new digital fashion brands combined created more than 165,000 free wearables during this year’s MVFW.

“I am extremely honored to lead the second annual Metaverse Fashion Week and look forward to showing the world what has been developed since our last presentation of the fashion revolution in the Metaverse on a big stage. In the span of a year, we’ve shown the world one of the most interesting and obvious use cases for the metaverse to date: digital fashion. After all, we don’t all want to look like boring copies of the same avatar in our digital lives. Like the real world, we all want to individualize and organize the personal aesthetic that identifies us,” said Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, head of Metaverse Fashion Week.

The organizational theme of MVFW23 is “ future heritage », a challenge to connect the new generation of designers with traditional fashion designers, showing the potential of fashion to connect realities and worlds. The event shines a light on today’s fashion industry, delivering a diversity of aesthetics across metaverses, connecting innovation to tradition and looking back on fashion’s great moments to build the future.

“Metaverse Fashion Week is a defining moment for digital fashion, where brands and consumers alike can experience the future of fashion. MVFW is a direct extension of UNXD’s mission to connect the real world with the metaverse in luxury. After our successful first season with Decentraland, we are excited to expand the MVFW platform together to encompass other metaverses,” said Shashi Menon, co-founder and CEO of UNXD.

Interoperability: Builders and innovators are making it a reality

Decentraland will partner with Spatial and OVER to bring the next generation of interoperability to life in an open, free metaverse. Just as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week aren’t limited to one type of aesthetic or one type of fabric, MVFW is reaching out to invite digital fashion builders to take realizes the limitless potential of interoperable metaverses where one can bring a wearable device to another with ease.

What to expect :

  • Announced on Friday, December 2 at Megan Kaspar’s event co-hosted by MVFW23 and MIAFW, Miami Fashion Week 2023 will be the first globally recognized physical fashion week to participate in Metaverse Fashion Week, with special activation and fashion shows featured on the rooftop of L’Atelier de MIAFW built by Metaverse Group in Decentraland’s Luxury Fashion District, as well as participation in other cross Metaverse platforms.
  • By working with high fashion brands, Phygicode presents itself as a consortium specialized in luxury and hybrid solutions for fashion, with the meeting of partners and brands during the event.
  • Threedium will return with its innovative 3D/AR commerce engine, which will operate its own luxury shopping center, with a connected commerce infrastructure allowing brands to create and share personalized wearables and augmented reality (AR) experiences. ).
  • Boson, the decentralized commerce protocol, will expand its participation by allowing brands to sell physical and phymeric items in the metaverse as tradable NFTs. Once tokenized, NFTs redeemable by Boson can be sold, held, gifted, or exchanged for the physical item.
  • DRESSX, the largest metacloset™ for digital apparel, AR looks and fashion NFTs, is an official partner of the event and will welcome brands to discover their unique AR components.
  • Organizer David Cash and his team at Cash Labs will return to showcase and produce experiences for all kinds of established fashion brands and exciting new digital native creators in Decentraland and beyond.
  • Complementing Cash, to support the growing ecosystem of designers, Decentraland is setting up an advisory board of organizers to select the designers who will participate in the next edition of the event, among which the Institute of Digital Fashion (IODF ), Fashion3 by MAD Global, House of Web3 and The Manufacturer. With the help of these organizers, a new square will be built, presenting the new horizons of digital fashion and disruptive activations.

Luxury returns to the metaverse: Catwalks, Super Models and IRL Fashion Week

Within Decentraland, the MVFW will return to the Luxury Fashion District where several brands will launch new digital collections inside the Fashion Arena on the catwalk. Back in this District, fashion houses and internationally recognized brands will be announced in early January.

New features and activations:

  • Decentraland now makes it easier than ever for brands to participate and grow in the metaverse with the addition of self-service tools for creating wearables and emotes and new functionality that allows brands to “rent” land for specific periods. This facilitates easy and reliable access to land through Decentraland’s smart contract marketplace.
  • Organized by the Decentraland Foundation and UNXDthe luxury NFT market, MVFW Lux will showcase luxury fashion houses in a beautiful environment hosted in the Luxury Fashion District (Metaverse Group) and adjacent Plaza. Experiences include runway shows, exclusive wearable collections, immersive 3D/AR web experiences, pop-up stores, the introduction of the first physical fashion week in the Metaverse, and a wrap-up show.
  • The novelty of the 2023 program is MVFW Neodesigned to support and celebrate the next generation of digital creators. Working with digital pioneering companies, Decentraland has selected a number of up-and-coming digital fashion designers and physical designers to develop their work and designs within the Web3 space.
  • New fashion designers will be introduced, but also MVFW’s first official top model: Tangpoko, a member of the DCL community deeply involved in fashion and pop culture within the Web3 space, will be the main top model. of this season.
  • Additionally, MVFW will present a parade featuring Barth, the winner of the second season of “The Hype” on HBO Max. As part of the Next Generation initiative, the event will showcase an exclusive collection of DCL wearables created by the Season Two winner during his Metaverse debut.

Join Decentraland for the next episode of Metaverse Fashion Week by pre-registering here. Follow Decentraland on Twitter and the event hashtag, #MVFW23, and join our Discord for more information. For fashion brands, designers and retailers interested in attending MVFW23, please apply through this form.

About Decentraland
Launched in 2020, Decentraland is a virtual social world powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the first decentralized metaverse. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize content and apps, as well as socialize and attend all kinds of daily community-driven events. Decentraland is unique in that it’s owned, created, and driven by the people who use it every day. Through Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), users can submit proposals and even apply for grants to be voted on by the community.

About UNXD
UNXD brings iconic luxury and culture to the metaverse. Created by the team behind leading international publishers Vogue and WIRED, UNXD partners with the world’s leading luxury brands to create products and experiences in a crypto-native way. Each brand is part of an expanding ecosystem for luxury digital assets. UNXD’s innovative collections with Dolce & Gabbana, 2021’s Collezione Genesi and 2022’s DGFamily, have generated nearly 10,000 ETH and are widely considered a catalyst for the fashion NFT movement.

About Spatial
Spatial optimizes your world in Web3. Deliver visually stunning spaces that are accessible and easy to use, whether on the web, on a mobile device or in virtual reality. In Spatial, users can customize a virtual space and gather for NFT exhibits, musical performances, parades, talks, live events, group viewings and more. Especially since it only takes a few clicks to configure your space or register. Spatial was founded in 2016 with the goal of designing high-quality 3D spaces for collaboration and community.

About OVER
OVER is a state-of-the-art AR platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. OVER enables users equipped with a mobile device or guide scope to experience personalized augmented reality interactive experiences in the real world. Committed to cross-platform interoperability, OVER supports real-time augmented reality capabilities, AI avatar motion-captured interactions, and hyper-realistic NFT assets that will eventually be transmissible between metaverses.

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