Michel Fugain lifts the veil on his health concerns

Michel Fugain lifts the veil on his health concerns

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In an interview granted to the Belgian media “The Last Hour”, Michel Fugain confided in his state of health. The 80-year-old singer fears having a stroke. “We are very stroke in the family,” says the artist, whose father died of a cardiovascular accident in July 2009. Michel Fugain also explains that he has already prepared his funeral.

Michel Fugain wants to stay in the spotlight. At 80, the singer continues to perform on stage, despite his declining health. “As long as I’m not physically degraded, it’s fine,” he explains in an interview with the Belgian media. The last hour.

Michel Fugain fell twice during a tour

“I had knee surgery a year and a half ago… What an operation! So I have a titanium one, I’m tough as iron!”, He continues. However, Michel Fugain has already had some great scares. He was the victim of a car accident several years ago. And, he recently fell twice during a promotional tour in Belgium. The star, however, has only one great fear: to have a stroke.

“We are very AVC in the family”

“The only thing that could happen to me on stage is a stroke. We are very stroke in the family. I do not wish it but here, we are sure that it can happen”, he develops. The singer’s father, Pierre Fugain, died in July 2009 following a stroke. Michel Fugain is therefore preparing for any eventuality concerning his own end of life. He explains in his interview that he has already prepared everything for his funeral.

“I am going to be burned and we will put my ashes under the olive tree that I planted. I want to be under my daughter’s ashes, in the same place, so that it will grow a beautiful olive tree”, confides Michel Fugain, whose the girl tragically died at the age of 22.

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