Microsoft: Play is short, bid more – Xbox One, Microsoft, Microsoft Games, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S – Article

Microsoft: Play is short, bid more – Xbox One, Microsoft, Microsoft Games, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S – Article

The dream of video game manufacturers and publishers is to be able to flood you with advertisements Stakes. Besides, it’s already happened on mobile for a lot of so-called “free” titles, because “if it’s free, you’re the product”. On a “good” already paying, it made people cringe. Take-Two had tried it with the NBA 2K license, Electronic Arts was considering it with FIFA, and we have no doubt that they are just waiting to be deployed on one of EA Sports FC’s future games. This is why, at Factor, casing detectors from father to son since 2001, we are going to talk about the Trojan horse that Microsoft is preparing for us.

The original idea would be for the Xbox/PC Game Pass brand to offer discounted, ad-supported subscriptions. We first know this thanks to a survey that appeared on ResetEra, which sought to know the amount that a player would be willing to pay for a subscription with advertisements integrated within the framework of the service. Then we also know this thanks to a patent recently filed by Microsoft and spotted by Gamesual which would deal with a technology allowing the incorporation of targeted advertisements in games via the cloud game.

We therefore understand all the interest for the Redmond giant to offer a kind of cheaper “Beta” subscription but with advertising in the games, initially in the Game Pass to test the technology, but above all to get used to it little by little. small naive consumers. The patent does not speak of Game Pass, but of all the games, so the plans would be good that in the long term we could offer tailor-made announcements quite easily, since the GAFAM already have a lot of data on us. Yes, you should not rely too much on the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties). We have as descriptions:

A method for providing content to a user during gameplay includes determining that the user is interacting with a game provided by an online streaming operator and identifying a period of time in the game during which the user interaction with the game should be below a threshold »

The method includes identifying a location in the game environment to overlay the content during the period and identifying the content to be displayed to the user. Content must be displayed via an overlay video stream separate from a game stream. In real time of the user’s gameplay, the overlay video stream is sent to be displayed to the user along with the game stream providing the content to the user at the identified location for at least a portion of the period. »

Computer games are becoming increasingly popular with the availability of cloud-based gaming platforms. Users appreciate the ability to select and play games from the comfort of their own computer without committing to expensive game consoles. To add interest and immersive fun to the games available, customization options are being considered. Users are more likely to play games that include features specific to their interests »

It can be difficult to create a bespoke personalized gaming experience without adding various features to the original game. Additionally, generating and developing unique content for each player would require considerable effort from the development team, which would prove costly and time-consuming. »

As described herein, methods and systems are described for providing an overlay stream to be broadcast to a receiving device (e.g., client device 702 in Fig. 7, user device 102, Fig. 1) with the game stream. of origin. Example scene 204 includes player 212 and shows banner 210 having an overlay of the original banner 206 which replaces the “Tantander” banner with the Xbox logos. The Xbox logos are provided in the context of FIG. 2 as an example of advertisement to be provided to a user »

An overlay feed is set up to provide the Xbox logo to display on part of the figure’s torso. In some embodiments, the overlay stream is configured to deliver the content (eg, an advertisement) to various other locations in the figurine. For example, the 408 figure may include multiple content items in various locations that have been identified as advertising space, such as on the chest, arms, shorts, and socks “.

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