Mild weather before the return of the snow: the weather forecast for the last weekend of the holidays

Mild weather before the return of the snow: the weather forecast for the last weekend of the holidays

Temperatures will be mild this weekend, but snow could return as early as Monday.

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LThe mild weather will be mild with rain at times on Friday, the IRM announces in the morning, noting however the possibility of some temporary sunny spells in the northwest of the country in the afternoon.

A zone of rain will sink into the country by the coast, and will gradually lose its activity heading towards the Ardennes. This afternoon, some temporary sunny spells may appear in the northwest of the country. The atmosphere will remain very mild with highs of 7ºC in the upper Ardennes to 12ºC in Flanders. The wind will generally be moderate from the southwest, in the morning temporarily quite strong along the coast with peaks of 60 km / h.

Rain and showers will punctuate the evening and the first part of the night in the north-west of Belgium. In the second part of the night, the weather will become dry again and sunny spells will return. Clouds may however reduce visibility in the Ardennes. Temperatures will drop between 6 degrees in the Ardennes and 10 degrees in the west of the country.

Saturday morning will be marked by a changing sky in Flanders, while low clouds will be predominant in the south of the country. The cloudiness will increase from the west and will be accompanied by an area of ​​rain during the afternoon. The maxima will be between 6 and 9 degrees south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow, and will be around 10 or 11 degrees in Flanders.

On Sunday, the cloudiness will be variable to often abundant with periods of rain and showers. Temperatures will reach values ​​of 6 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes to 10 degrees in Campine.

On Monday, it will be a little cooler with maximums of 3 degrees in the upper Ardennes to 8 degrees in Flanders. The sky will be divided between clearings and cloudy developments, sometimes carrying showers. On the heights of the Ardennes, these showers could sometimes take on a winter character.

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