Mimi Mathy reveals her salary per episode, with each broadcast of “Josephine, Ange Gardien”. The actress and actress explains a drop in what she touches in each episode. It reveals to us why such a drop.

Josephine, Guardian Angel

Broadcast on TF1 for years, this cult series had a time of glory. The story of Joséphine Delamarre, an angel sent to earth, has managed to seduce millions of viewers. Mimi Mathy interprets this role to perfection and brings her character to life. Joséphine Delamarre is kind, caring and enjoys helping others.

His magical powers allow him to provide solutions to each problem and to be a permanent support for the other characters. The enthusiasm of viewers for this series is understandable, regardless of age. However, despite the success of the series in its early days, it has experienced a decline in audience in recent years.

Mimi Mathy reveals her salary per episode

Mimi Mathy is a unique and highly respected actress. Committed, funny and intelligent, she has never let her disability stop her in her career. She earns a place in the hearts of the French, and she is present at all major events. That said, despite the attachment of her fans, Mimi Mathy, invited for an interview for Le Parisien, made revelations.

She says the series that made her famous has seen a decline in viewership over the years. As a result, it is completely normal for his salary to drop. Mimi Mathy makes a comparison between 2006 until today and reveals some mind-blowing figures.

A drop in earnings for the actress

If in 2006 the audience reached 11 million viewers, in recent years the figures have fallen considerably. As proof, Mimi Mathy declares that only three million viewers still watch the series. The various competing series contributed to this decline.

Mimi Mathy therefore revealed that in 2013, she still received 250,000 euros per episode. But lately, the actress only received 175,000 euros. However, she does not complain about it, and even claims that her salary allows her to be comfortable.