Miss Belgium presents her new lover, 20 years her senior: “It was not love at first sight” | People

Miss Belgium presents her new lover, 20 years her senior: “It was not love at first sight” | People

She grew up in a castle, today she finally found her prince charming. Chayenne Van Aarle, our Miss Belgium 2022, is in love and intends to shout it from the rooftops. In an exclusive interview with our colleagues from HLN, the 23-year-old beauty queen confides in her new relationship with her 43-year-old companion Nicolas Geniets. “It wasn’t immediate love at first sight.”

Chayenne Van Aarle, Miss Belgium 2022, may not have won the coveted Miss Universe title during her reign, but she ended up finding something even more precious: love. In the columns of HLN, the beauty queen presents her new lover, Nicolas Geniets, 43 years old. The two lovebirds maintain an age difference of 20 years all stack. “We have been together for a month now. It’s still early days, but we’re both madly in love,” says Chayenne. “I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at all. On the contrary, I am a very independent woman, I always thought that I did not need a man. But that was before the young woman met Nicolas. It was their shared passion for music that brought them together, she told HLN.

PN Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten
© PN Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten

First meeting

A television producer, Nicolas has worked on several programs in Flanders, notably “The sky is the limit” and “Don’t worry be happy”. He is also active in the music world as a producer. “It was in his own music studio at his home that we first met,” says Chayenne. “During my Miss Belgium year, I discovered my love for singing and gradually started taking lessons. My singing coach, Wilfried Van Beveren, once took me to Nicolas’ studio to record a song. I was like, ‘He’s a super cool, nice guy. He immediately put me at ease. But nothing more at that time.”

20 years older

No love at first sight, therefore. But after getting to know each other better, the producer and the beauty queen started messaging and dating more regularly. “It was only then that we both had a really intense feeling,” Chayenne says. And the fact that Nicolas is 20 years older than her has never been a problem. “I had three relationships and each time the man was a few years older than me. I like old people more just because I’m a mature soul,” she adds with a laugh. “Nicolas is a lot like me, he’s a very independent person. That’s why it works so well between us. He’s kind of my male version. We are two hard workers.”

Chayenne Van Aarle and Nicolas Aime
Chayenne Van Aarle and Nicolas Aime © PN Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten


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